When Strangers Steal Your Baby's Pics

A week ago, I noticed someone on Facebook had been liking my pics and statuses on Facebook... rather obsessively. I also noticed that he had commented on all of Myla Rae's photos... they were all harmless comments like "cute baby", "sweet". That sort of thing.

But as the days passed, and this same guy would be liking and commenting on everything Myla Rae, I got an uneasy feeling about it. So I decided to just click on his profile to see who this guy was. At and I was quite shocked to see a photo of my baby on his facebook page. It's a photo taken from my FB album of my baby.
It's not a crime, of course. But I was a bit alarmed because I didn't know this guy at all (not even an acquaintance), and I did not know what his caption said (different language). Also found it very odd that when people commented on the photo to say "nice baby" "sweet baby"... he would respond with "Thank You".
HUH? Even if I shared a funny baby pic or cute animal pic on my FB, if someone said something nice about the baby or animal, I wouldn't respond with "thank you".    Would you?????? So weird.
Translated... this is what his original caption for the pic he posted said. 
At first I thought, is he saying this is his baby but he doesn't want people asking about her because he cannot say anything about her yet??
A FB friend of mine, who checked out the post, said that maybe I'm over reacting and he's not saying the baby is his in any way lah. Still, it made me uneasy.
And then another FB friend of mine who went through the pics in his profile, found a few pictures of naked children. And I find that quite alarming. I don't know, maybe they are innocent in nature, but to me, instinctively I feel something is not right.
I did message to ask him why was he taking pics of my baby and posting it on his page? But no response, and I have since blocked him. I would hate to malign someone who is actually just innocently posting my baby's pic simply because it's cute. But still, she should know that it is not right and kinda creepy to do so.
Have alerted Facebook. Not made a police report (I think it's a bit of an over reaction to do so?). Plus he is a foreigner working in Singapore ( I gathered this from his profile info), I don't want to cause him to lose his job if all this is just some misunderstanding. I've blocked out his name here and deleted my post on FB (where I asked my FB friends to flag the picture).
I cannot view his profile any more, because I've blocked him. But my friends have gone in to check and the picture of my baby has been deleted. Either FB deleted because all my friends helped me flag it, or he just took it down himself.

So that's the story of a little scare I got seeing her pic on a stranger's FB page. I guess it would not have been as shocking if I understood the language in his caption and could ascertain that it was indeed harmless.

What's your take on all this?


  1. Anonymous12:42 pm

    very very disturbing and alarming!! good that you reported him to facebook, i would do the same!!!

  2. Anonymous1:55 pm

    That's an underreaction don't you think? He could be a paedophile and you just let him off 'cos your own baby's photo was deleted? Then what about the naked kids' photos? You don't care since not your child?

  3. Anonymous3:33 pm

    If it happened to pictures of my children, I would have been alarmed. For that reason I'm so cautious about posting pictures of my children on social media. I have even heard of people who have completely stolen the identity of other children, using all photos posted by their parents and then passing them off as their on! And with geo-tagging and 'checking in' functions nowadays - it is not unheard of to hear that children get abducted. I never check in anywhere, or only after I have left - it isn't hard for someone to figure out from the places we frequent where we live/go to school etc. It's alarming!

  4. That's just disturbing. I would have done the same thing. It's just.. Uncomfortable.

  5. Anonymous7:29 am

    I've been reading about awful, sick things happening to babies/kids. This is definitely creepy!! Always trust your instincts :)

  6. I was just reading about this on your facebook! This is also why I stopped posting my kids' pictures without my fat face inside. If I have to, for whatever reasons, I watermark it so that at least people know the pictures are from "somewhere" and not theirs. Recently, a dude used our pics to sell his Friso car wtf. I insisted him to remove it too. Luckily he is not some weird dude like this one. :\

    1. Omg I saw those pics on Carousell!!! I just glanced past quite fast and saw Dylan n alexis with the car. I didn't click in to look properly cos Myla too small to ride the car, so I wasn't interested in buying.

      I just assumed U were selling Omg didn't realise its stolen pics

  7. Omg! Think I must really reconsider posting my boy's pics in future..tqvm for sharing ur experience!!

  8. This is so scary and sometime I wonder as a parenting blogger our blog is full of kids and family photos.

  9. huh I would think taking your baby photos without permission and reposting them on his own page without informing you is a crime? So freaky!! I'm glad you managed to stop him in time though..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  10. alarming!!! Though these things can happen and are common, I would freak out thinking what if this person tracks my address?? Did you make any police report or cyber crime report?

  11. Thanks so much for taking time to share about this, Holly! What a terrible scare it must have been :( I love sharing Laurent's photos but an extremely cautious that I don't share any naked ones because we never know how people will take it out of context or use it for sth bad

  12. This is awful and scary! I would do the same too, report and block him. Trust our instinct..

  13. Kinda of scary but how did he get to see yr FB posts if you are not 'friend' with him? Unless your profile is set as 'public'?

  14. Babe! This is very disturbing! Rule of the thumb is, don't reveal your child's real name on social media channels (for safety reasons). Perhaps keep pictures of your gal to only friends and not public?


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