Casting Baby's Prints for Keepsake

Ok remember last week I was griping about what a shitty waste of money the Pearhead BabyPrints 3D set was?
(Click here to see )

I didn't manage to cast Myla's foot and failed terribly because in order for a baby to stay still for 2 minutes plus while her foot is in a gelatin mixture, you would need like really strong sedation. lol

But I managed to salvage the plaster that was in this deluxe set. Afterall, it was no regular cheap plaster... it was skin toned to match my baby's skin.
 So I bought some cheap playdough (you can also get from places like DAISO, but I'm so lazy, I ordered online.) Mixed it up and then pressed Myla's hand and foot for a deep imprint. Best to place the dough on a flat firm surface, I used a cardboard book.

Next, I just mixed the plaster with tap water. And poured into the playdough mould I had created. Dried a few hours.. and yay! A keepsake of my baby's prints at 6months old.
By the way, did you notice something? They must think my baby is albino.  -_- Flesh toned plaster, my arse.

There's another pack of plaster in this set, I'm not going to use it. If you want to cast your own baby's prints, you just need some playdough/plasticine and you can use this spare pack of mine. Just drop me an email now to reserve, will mail free to any Singapore address. (Status: Available).