First Time Flying with an Infant...

... on budget airline some more.. lol
I've heard from my friends that flying on SQ with an infant is great and comfortable. Don't travel budget with a young baby, very uncomfortable!!
Matchy matchy

But we just tested it out via Air Asia with Myla Rae on a short flight to KL. How bad can it be right? It's like 40 mins (or less?) so even if she cries, passengers are less likely to be pissed off since it's a damn short flight. (As opposed to having a cranky baby on a 14 hour flight... plus I used to be one of those people who would give you a real stink eye look if you brought a loud child or crying baby on board... OMG I AM SO SORRY FOR MY IGNORANCE in the past)
Of course no bassinet on a budget flight, so Myla shared a seat with me. I had her in my baby carrier the whole time anyway. AND SHE SLEPT RIGHT THROUGH... but with a LOT of effort on my part though! She's no longer an auto napper... you NEED to help her get to sleep, otherwise she will get super cranky.
Don't worry ah, this carrier has ergonomically modified seat customized to her size!

So when we were waiting to board, I fed her. Then put her in my carrier, and freaking walked and bounced my way around the whole room (that room before you board the plane) until she was in deep sleep. Plus I had to make loud and continuous shushing sound with my mouth until I was damn thirsty.
But it worked. LOL.
And the same thing for our flight back as well. Now I just got to gather the balls for a long haul flight.
Think this travel bed is from Mothercare, dunno, I bought second hand from Carousell

For her night time sleeps, she was still a good night sleeper... even though not in her crib. I bought one of those little suitcases that opens up to a little baby bed/ccompartment. So she could just sleep in the same bed as us. She loved it! (BUT, a note to self, our next trip, if we use this baby suitcase bed, its better to have a King sized bed, cos the Queen sized beds we had this trip, was a bit of a tight fit... like only 3/4 of my pillow could fit on the bed, so 1/4 dangling off the side).
Baby's first balloon
 As for how she was while we were in KL, I would say, same as when in Singapore. So her usual day time cranks and refusal to drink milk whenever she didn't get her naps. But if I managed her napping well, then the day would go smooth (difficult though cos hard to maintain routine while away).

We stayed at an AirBnB apartment. Mainly because I wanted a place with a kitchen (space to clean her bottles properly etc), and a proper fridge with freezer for breastmilk (not the mini bar fridge in hotel rooms). But in the end it worked out really great because the apartment trumped any hotel we would have gotten... because it was- more spacious, great location opposite KLCC, and cheaper than hotels in that area. I paid $54 per night, such great value. I remember many years ago when I went KL with an ex BF, he booked us a shitty hotel room around Bukit Bingtang which was so small that when you lie down on the bed, your feet can touch the door. No kidding. And that was $50 a night. Click here to read that for a laugh.

Anyway, I will def be booking AirBnB again for next trip. Help me earn some credits so I can use it to off set the $$ for my next trip? When you book with AirBnB, you get $47 credits to use towards your first booking (you can book a room or whole apartment etc, or if you want, you can even list your property to host people). When you get that credit, I get it too  :) Click here to get to airbnb and claim your $47.



  1. Lol lol lol... shushing till damn thirsty, that cracked me up, cos I do the same too haha! Still love that Seababy stroller, awesomely pretty! We're heading to Perth for the little ones first plane ride, this post gives me hope I won't have to U-turn halfway like I did for my first child. *fingers crossed*

  2. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Actually its the best time to fly long haul. I did sg-london when my bubs was 6 weeks and he hardly fussed. Asleep during take off and dummy on landing. Only cried when he woke for milk. Sq is also very helpful with washing bottles and refilling. We then flew 6 months same route - he fussed much more and needed to fall asleep in ergo. We flew at 1 year same route also pretty much NIGHTMARE. if anything this age is nirvana to fly i even had time to watch full movie. They are much more challenging once they can walk etc and need to be entertained. Good luck and just do it (from the lady who suggested locklyn as a name :))

    1. Omg yes when she was under 3 months she cld sleep through a bomb blast. And pretty much slept on her own as and when she tired... Which was all the time lol.

      But I'm afraid now she's almost 5 months we are past that stage ...

      Thanks for telling me it gets worse bahahahhaa damn

      And yah I remember locklyn suggestion Still love


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