Where the hell did she get that voice?!

A few days ago was the first time that Myla Rae just suddenly laughed out oud.. like not a gurgling giggling which she used to do, but a loud (adult sounding to me) laugh!

OMG babies develop so fast. She's 13 weeks actual, 8 weeks adjusted age (this is the age based on due date, helps mums to track their development based on this age and not the age they were born prematurely. Like she can't lift her own head yet, which at 13 weeks is slow, but the follow ups with PDs all said it's ok for her adjusted age).

Anyway here's a short clip of the laugh. Maybe it will make you laugh too.

By the way, along with this laugh, she has also developed a loud voice! WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF  it's very embarrassing in public when she fusses, people stare because it sounds like I'm torturing her! (But I'm really not!!!) I'm just trying to feed her when she's obviously hungry. So like she cries cos hungry, then I try to feed her milk, she screams and doesn't drink. Then I stop feeding, and try to make her sleep, but she closes eyes and then keeps popping them open and crying because she is hungry! SLEEPY PLUS HUNGRY is the worst baby combi... yet I can't seem to stop or prevent it... unless I'm like rocking her to sleep THE WHOLE DAY.

 I think she's tending to be overstimulated esp when we are out nowadays.... and she doesn't auto fall asleep in her pram or baby wrap like she used to. She's wide awake and watching everything. Really don't feel like bringing her out as much because of this struggle.


  1. Anonymous11:15 pm

    She looks a lot like you, Holly. Esp her eyes ��

  2. Oh thanks!!! Ppl always say look like the dad. Kns lol

  3. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Holly, have you thought of what primary school to send Myla to? Or will you send her to international school? :D So cute!

  4. No idea which school.. Will depend on where we are living in 6-7years time lol. And it will be the nearest neighbourhood primary school if we are in singapore. Singapore edu system is good plus I'm familiar with it having attended school here and then taught in sec sch here. :)

    If we are overseas then maybe will send her to an international school with GCSE/UK based curriculum so it will be the same as SG.

  5. Don't fret! I'm in the same situation as you! Sleepy + hungry combo! But my baby is less patient w me so he'd cry till he gets his milk and drift off to sleep. Else, if he's not too sleepy but still fusses during his feed, he'd like to be burped though he kept resisting the motion (to be slightly elevated for a burp).

    My baby has never automatically fallen asleep in anything but our arms. :((

    Anyway, I'm sure better days will be coming soon, Holly! Let's press on! 💪🏼


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