Shot this video last week but didn't have time to upload until today.

Here is a quick 3 minute video featuring 5 of the best newborn buys which Myla loves.

(In this video you will see: Moby Wrap, Wedge pillow for reflux, Seebaby stroller, Ingenuity auto cradle swing, Bloom Alma mini crib, Mustela Physiobebe). If you have any qns about these stuff or want a full review, let me know :)



  1. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Hi Holly can the Seebaby stroller be fully flat for sleeping? Never seen this model before where did u get it?

  2. Not 180degrees flat but almost there. She used since newborn and plus she was small early baby. No issue with the incline.

    The wheels don't swivel though so at first I was like shit this is crap. But after a couple of days with it, I'm used to maneuvering it and it is very easy to move about with.

    This one is some 'bee' design I can't remember .. But look for the latest 2015 model . I bought from qoo10

    1. Anonymous12:57 am

      Wow thanks for the prompt reply!!

  3. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Hi Holly, possible to update in text(edit blogpost) where you got each of the items from?

    Thanks so much!

  4. OMgosh I'm so so sorry. Been so busy I've not had the time to update with Ur request for the info.

    I can quickly say though... That the bloom crib I ordered online ( my friend helped re ship it to me. It's quite compact when collapsed. But if ur home has space for a normal cot, then just buy one from SG (or wherever you are)... I needed this exact one specifically for its size (slots between foot of my bed and the window )

    Moby wrap I bought second hand (but came in very new condition cod the first owner gave up trying to wrap baby) and also U can't really use it when baby gets too heavy (they say 18 pounds or something like that, but in reality I reckon 10pound baby already will feel the sag quite a bit... Cos its a stretchy wrap). Guess this is a reason why the second hand ones on Carousell are all so new condition. I paid $20. But after buying, I saw a PINK one listed for $18. Damn it! I think it's still there.

    The wedge is from Carousell too, was brand new in box but I threw box away now I forgot what brand it is. Just search baby wedge pillow.

    The swing I bought frm Carousell (again! Lol) when baby was a few weeks old. Great purchase. Impt to get an automatic one cos if ur baby is small/young/newborn and U buy a bouncer that is not auto, it's the baby's own kicking energy that will move it (or U sit nect to it and bounce it). So small babies can't move it on their own. Better get auto one. As for musical function, most of time I don't use that.

    I got no time to go collect the stuff I buy from Carousell so if it's too large to mail, then I send Rocket Uncle to collect for me (zyllem is what this courier is called now).

    Mustela bebe mothercare or kiddy palace all that will have but I've never stepped into any baby stores yet.. Lol. I got mine from pharmacy.

    Stroller from qoo10. No regrets on that purchase.


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