Love and Superstition

 My articles this week on MyFatPocket center around love superstitions and the supernatural.
Do you like the feeling of being watched? Haunted hotels in Asia to make love in.  
When I was in my late teens, I had a male friend who was half Thai... and he was quite obsessed with me. Always wanting to hang out... which I didn't mind... but AS FRIENDS. He kept trying to take things to the next level. We were in a NeoPrint booth (haha remember those?) then before the camera snapped, he grabbed my face and kissed me. LOL you should have seen the horror on my face (wish I had kept that sticker photo!).  Well, anyway, one day he was at my house, we were watching TV in my room (as I used to do with a lot of my friends, they were always welcomed in my home) but anyway it got past midnight, and I was getting so sleepy but he wouldn't take a hint and he kept hanging around refusing to leave. I went to my mum's room and moaned that Gabriel still don't want to go hoooommmeeeee.
She panicked and asked, "Should I call the police?"
And I was like, "Mooommmm, he IS the police!"
Yeah, he was with the police force at that time. Anyway, I wasn't afraid of him, I never found his presence threatening. To me, he was just a friend. But because he was so obsessive (and he was half Thai...) I was slightly afraid he would use black magic to make me fall in love with him or something. I actually warned all my girlfriends at that time, that if I ever fell in love with him, please help me cos it's black magic and I don't fancy him that way at all. Fortunately for me, it never happened. Lol.
But I've heard of stories where people fell in love against their will.
p/s- all the bandage dresses I'm wearing in the article pics are from BagCharmLove.