Love Hate Carousell

Carousell is one of the top ranking apps in Singapore. I've been using it for about 10 months now. I was one of the earlier adopters... but now I catch girls (and guys!) on the Mrt browsing that all too familiar Carousell page on their phones.
I use it A LOT. Everytime I'm flicking around on my phone, David will say, "Again with the swap shop!". Even when I don't need anything, I'll just browse the listings. And it's a great way to de-clutter too. To date I have sold over 280 items via Carousell. WTF, how did the hoarder in me get rid of 280 items and not feel a void in my life?
That said, there are many things about the users of this app which annoy me. It's a love hate relationship I have with Carousell.
Just today I received a package from a seller whom I've blacklisted. I paid for the item on the 10th of August and informed her. Then she said she would mail out the next day. A week later I did not get the parcel so I messaged her through Carousell and asked if she mailed it out yet. She replied to say sorry, she will mail out the next day and update me.

Fast forward to just a few days ago when I realized eh, I still didn't receive the item. I looked on her Carousell page and the item I had paid for almost a month ago was still listed for sale. What a crook. She also stopped replying to my messages. Luckily, I was looking through her other listings and saw her post her phone number in a comment so a buyer could whatsapp her. I message her phone number to say that I was going to publicise her number to my blog readers.

Damn nasty of me, but I was really going to do it, it wasn't an empty threat. It was only $10 and I could have just let her off but I don't like being cheated.
Low and behold, she responded promptly and sent my parcel out the next day. She even sent it by registered post (I paid for normal post), which was not necessary I didn't even demand anything of the sort. And today I receive the item, and it's brand new with tags on. I paid for a pre loved item in the listing. Now, I'm not complaining, (even though I paid for it on the 10th or Aug and received it more than a month later) I obviously ended up getting more than I paid for. But it made me think... did she already sell that pre-loved item and kept it listed so she could just collect payment and never mail stuff out? Then in panic, when to the store to buy a new piece so she could mail to me? Ah, I don't know... if she did intend to cheat, then serves her right.
Here are the other types of people on Carousell who bug my happiness.
1. Buyers who MIA
They place an offer, you accept it and let them know payment details.
Days pass and despite sending them reminders, you don't hear from them. Hello! It's ok if you change your mind! Just have the decency to inform people instead of just ignoring them. We could have sold the item to someone else.
2. So Free to Meet Up
I don't do meet ups, unless it's a bulky item like furniture. But some people insist on arranging a meet up for things that can easily be mailed for less than $1. Many months ago, this lady wanted to buy an item which I priced at $2. But she didn't want to pay 50 cents for postage and wanted to meet up. I said, ok, Novena MRT. Then she said she can't go to Novena, meet up at Eunos Mrt. WHAT THE FUCK? Think I'm so free? And my Mrt cost is more than that $2 some more. Really, the cheek of some people.
3. Video Proof
Then there are those people who buy one cheap thing also scared I will cheat them. So I have to record a video of their parcel being dropped into the post box, and send it to their phone number. If it's quite a costly purchase (like over $20) ok I will bother my arse to record a video and send to you so you have peace of mind that I didn't just rip you off. But you know if you're so distrusting, there's such a thing as registered mail which you can pay for.
4. Selling Gold
Carousell is a fun place to get rid of your unwanted stuff so someone else can love them. Some people are really deluded and price their stuff as if selling gold. I roll my eyes when I see stuff with a $12.70 price tag on it being listed at $12. Even if you've not used it and it's new, it's not worth our while. Might as well go shop and buy instead of paying for postage right? No wonder your listings all not sold!
5. Sellers who MIA
 There are a couple of things on Carousell which I tried to buy at the prices listed (not like I was lowballing them and pissed them off or anything)... and I get no response on where to transfer the $ to, and everytime I check back, the item is still listed as available. And they're not even old listings, but pretty recent ones (I put an offer in within a day or so).

6. Sellers who list stuff meant for the bin
I really shouldn't get annoyed, not as if they're twisting my arm to buy their rubbish. But listing a handbag with the cheapo PU leather flaking off and trying to sell it for $15 and then stating "not for fussies". I think you really meant to state- not for those with a brain.

What annoys you on Carousell?


  1. Anonymous8:14 pm

    I've encountered several idiots on Carousell.
    1. That made an offer on a very high priced item and I accepted the offer and he never responded. When I left him negative feedback a week later, he later offered to meet up with me to fight. I'd whip his ass in a heartbeat but I do that stupid shit.
    Another guy was selling his friend all bound up in duct tape and his 5 year old sister. I wrote to him and said it was pretty immature and he is ruining the site for serious buyers and sellers. He totally spammed me

  2. Anonymous8:17 pm

    He wrote lot of stuff I refuse to type here. I'm not sure that most of the people on their understand the concept of making an offer and it being accepted and actually having to pay for it. They treat it like it's a fake selling site. It could be a great site!
    One guy wrote negotiable on his item and I asked what was his lowest price. He wrote I have to have the price I have listed. The d-bag didn't even know what negotiable meant!!

  3. Anonymous10:58 am

    I stopped using the app after only a week... it is not the app that pissed me off... really it is the users... want to meet up but was late (for more than an hour!!) and didn't have the decency to update me... people offer me my listed price.. Then come to negotiate.. argh...

  4. Anonymous9:18 pm

    It's a love/hate relationship for me with the site. I managed to offload a lot of my own branded stash of items but more than often I get idiots who lowballed me with ridiculous prices or excuses like 'Give discount, I'm a student. /Can I pay you when it's my payday?' I felt like telling them - Do you think you can do this at a brick & mortar store?! No money, don't buy. Simple as that. Tsk!

  5. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Hi babe, there is those buyer/trader who agreed on a trade with you. You accepted their offer and mark as sold to them, but they changed their mind at the last moment, citing 'inconvenient' as the stupid excuse even after you offered to meet at their convenient timing and place!

  6. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Wow interesting do have a read at this post too! :)

  7. I have been using Carousell for about 6 weeks now, it is a FANTASTIC App with great potential but let down MASSIVELY by idiot users! I have not had ONE positive experience which is really saddening.
    I have had scammers who offer full price then will only negotiate offsite after some lame excuse about why they cannot access the site. I have had users with good feedback start negotiations on the site and then want more info through whatsapp. then they waste my time and pull out after everything agreed, price, postage etc. Because no offer made on the site no chance to leave feedback.
    Also, the owners need to police the site more, too many fakes. I sell high end preloved & new items (LV, Cartier etc) and they are lost amongst the "china town" items. Users blatantly state "Gred AAA" 99% boutique quality" or even simply "replica"! I can scan through the site in 10 minutes and get tens of users selling fakes. I do report but Carousell seem very slow to react even though they told me they had had "issues" with the authorities for allowing so many fakes onto the site. One user listing hundreds of fake handbags was closed down only to reappear the following day under a different user name but with the same amount of followers and boasting "previously known as......" Surely they can police this better.
    The worst though is people who make offers, get accepted, agree to meet, set time and place and then when you try to confirm with them no contact, all dead. Very annoying because obviously in your mind the sale is almost complete, they seem reasonable only to let you down.
    BTW, my site on their is but I really don't know how much longer I can give it!��

  8. The app itself is a source of annoyment where control rules are lax and users have many complain stories to share.

  9. Anonymous12:01 pm

    I guess I am considered very lucky, my items aren't exactly popular. even though they are old textbooks and junks. I had 3 buyers and all three are very kind to me.

  10. dont ever use carousel, the support/admin of Carousel are just as crappy as the scammers on the App. I had plenty of expericence emailing and corresponding with them and I could conclude they are mostly probably adults with lower than avg I.Qs. So dont expect help from them, YES, its that bad now.


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