I Met George Young!! #LiptonMomentsSg

Here's a peek into the Lipton's event last Thursday, in collaboration with the Cufflink Club and hosted by George Young. There was even a cocktail class where we learnt how to make cocktails and mocktails using Lipton teas. I only just found out there are so many types and flavours of Lipton teas; Yellow Label, Peach Mango, Lemon Ginger, Chamomile, Mint, Forest Fruits,  Passion Raspberry, English Breakfast & Russian Earl Grey. There's one to suit each taste. 

Good Fun, thanks for the invite guys!


  1. Is the Russian Earl Grey nice? I damm scared buy already i don't like them waste the entire box :P

    1. Nice is rather relative. I prefer mild tastes but that's just me

  2. I really like following your blog. Cool stuff and so much colour to every entry.


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