Krispy Kreme and Malala

Krispy Kreme opened it's first outlet in Singapore today. It's the the basement of Tangs Orchard. Don't know who does their PR, but they were sending out doughnuts for the past few weeks to loads of bloggers but I never got any  :(  I kept seeing bloggers post on Instagram their Krispy Kremes ... drove me nuts looking at them lol... cos the store not open yet, so not as if I can just go buy some. *torture*
I was at the store at about 2pm, there was a long queue (as usual.. Singapore!), but it was well managed, and moved fast. Once they hype dies down a bit, the queues will be better (shorter) and their store is at a great spot (esp. once the Orchard underpass re-construction is complete).
My verdict? The sprinkles one looks the nicest (see so nice the pic I took on instagram!). But too sweet for me. Actually, I find most of them way too sweet for me. I don't mind the original glazed one. But my favourites are the ones with no holes, and filling inside and topped with powdered sugar. Not too sweet at all. Yummy. Mmmmm


Hope you all have heard the story of Malala Yousafzai. She won the Nobel Peace Prize and she's only like 16 years old. She is from Pakistan and was shot in the head by the Taliban (because she spoke up for women's rights and she's an education activist).

I heard her speak on the Daily Show yesterday (and was impressed by her clarity and fluency... and of course with what she had to say).

Then I just saw this clip of Nicole Scherzinger that is cringe-worthy. She obviously hasn't even heard of Malala (even though the girl made headline news all over the world when she was shot)... why is Nicole even talking about 'real heroes' and how deserving they are.... and then she goes on to say that Malala is a righteous & empowering person lol... when 2 seconds before, she wasn't even sure if Malala was alive or not. Woman, you made my eyes roll.


  1. Maybe it's the way she talk but she sounded like she's on something lol audio speed 1/2x

  2. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Correction: She didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize. She was nominated for it.


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