Aggressive Assholes

First it was the woman who beat up her elderly neighbour at the corridor just outside their flats. Initially, I saw it on my Facebook wall when the victim's daughter uploaded it, and a friend of hers shared it.

Very quickly, that day itself, it went viral. Even though I don't know this woman personally, I was so shocked, and upset watching it. How could anyone treat a human being like that? So vicious.

Then later on, I saw on Stomp that the police arrested Casey Sabrina Ng, also known as Asha, 41 and she was brought to the hospital (IN A WHEELCHAIR) looking frail and helpless. WOW! You looked mighty fine while you were beating your neighbour up. Suddenly, you're arrested and you act all poor thing? *eyebrow raised*

Anyway, she was remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for evaluation. Apparently, according to her family, she has a history of mental instability. (However, after beating that neighbour up, she did have the faculty to warn the neighbour not to tell the police.)

Then most recently, Odd-job worker Juraimi Kamaludin spat on two women at Woodlands bus interchange.

From what I gather, there was a long bus queue... he cuts in, and was told off by a woman. He claims he was already in the queue earlier but left to get a drink. (Eh, WTF, you think bus queue you can use tissue paper chope place is it?) Anyway, no one in the queue backed his story.

He got mad and spat in the woman's face. He boarded the bus... but the driver could not drive off, as the woman had lodged a complaint and was waiting for the relevant authorities to arrive, and thus he cannot drive off with Juraimi Kamaludin onboard. People on board the bus get impatient with this idiot refusing to alight. Then a replacement bus comes, and as passengers transfer to that bus, Mr Wise guy blocks them. He was pushed aside by some men.... but he stopped the woman in green (seen in this video)... and spat on her too. Why? Because she was shouting at him too (along with the other passengers I assume). He also shouted/pushed an old man.

Eventually, he was arrested and remanded at IMH.

Why not push the men that were on board huh? Why only pick on the women and the old man? I think insane people, or at least people so enraged that they can't think properly.... won't have the sense to pick and choose who they spit on or shout at. Don't you think so?

I just think he's a loser and a bully. The kind of person who raises his voice when losing an argument. The kind who thinks that spitting in someone's face makes them superior. 

But it seems if you are an aggressive asshole, you can always say you're 'stressed' or insane after your rampage. Please leave IMH for those who really need it, god knows they must be overwhelmed as it is. 

Must we wait for a victim to die before we let the heavy arm of the law (which Singapore used to be so well known for) smack these people?!


  1. Holly Jean, bullying other people is more common than most people realize. Intimidating a coworker, intimidating a school mate are all forms of bullying.
    Spitting on another is taking offensive behaviour to new levels and whether mentally unstable or just plainly rude and mean such people have to accept that sooner or later there are consequences for such behaviour.


  2. Anonymous12:22 am

    Hi Holly Jean, would you consider doing a post on Tammy (the 7 month old puppy that was recently put down)? Would love to read your views on it!

  3. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Well said. These people are simply incorrigible. Disgusted.

  4. Anonymous7:00 pm

    The wife and I waited in line at Tanglin Mall taxi stand for over 20 minutes. It was very hot outside and we had groceries. We got into the line and we probably 15th in line. The line continued to grow as we waited for our turn. Finally, with our groceries getting warm, our turn for a pulled in.
    Some guy ran straight from the mall and jumped into the taxi. I had walked halfway to it when I noticed the guy arguing with the taxi driver. The taxi driver noticed this and told the guy that he must wait in the "Q". The guy tried to block my way into the taxi. I was a lot bigger than him and I pointed at the line of people waiting and told him that he had to wait like the people over there in the line. I looked at the people and everyone was staring at us. He mumbled some words in something other than English that I thought was "I was waiting in line". I knew this wasn't the case because I had been near the front for a long time and the taxi's were rolling in slow on this day and I saw him run out of the building. The point is: I wasn't very aggressive but I felt what the man did was very unfair. I could have screamed at him and maybe grabbed him by the throat and shook him like a rag doll. I didn't do this because I am more mature than this but....
    People that are rude and cut in line with no feeling towards others are selfish and sometimes it takes all of what you have to refrain from being aggressive.
    To end this I got into the taxi, I looked over and people were clapping and smiling at me because they knew that I did the right thing and they were appreciative. The guy was walking to the back of the line with his head down in shame. I thanked the taxi driver several times because without him the guy would have got into the taxi and took our spot. I think the crowd was happy with the taxi drivers action as well as mine. Surely the guy in this video took it way too far but these ladies had no right to cut in front of him so they are not totally innocent. Waiting in line should be fair and jumping in front is very, very disrespectful.
    Scott Hale
    Your Facebook friend

  5. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Ooops...although I watched the video I didn't understand what really happened! I thought the women cut in line and the guy was mad at them.
    It's a completely different story if he was accused of cutting in line and he got mad and spit on the ladies! They were standing up for what was right. The Police should have drug his ass to jail! My apologies for not checking into this a little closer. I thought I had heard differently. I don't know how I would have reacted if I had seen a guy do this to a woman...
    Sorry Holly and thanks for the clarification! :)


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