Saw Someone Fall from Building :(

A few days ago, David and I took took our hotel shuttle bus to Mongkok MTR station which is a 5 minute drive away. We're staying at Cosmo Hotel Mongkok by the way, it's a reasonably priced hotel and I'd say this hotel is pretty nice in terms of being new, modern and comfortable. But it's not that close to the Mongkok shopping area. Will blog and show pics later on.

The hotel's mini bus we were on is a small 16 seater type bus. We sat at the front seat, behind the driver, and I was by the window. All the time, I was looking out the window, taking in the sights.

Half way through our journey, I saw something falling off a building that had bamboo scaffolding all over it. It fell fast ... and it wasn't like flailing around as it fell, just went straight down like something really heavy. And before my mind could process that what was falling was a man, he hit the road with such a loud thud.

It was so loud, that David thought the man had run out onto the street suddenly and was banged by our bus. Then I told him no... the man never even touched our bus! The sound was purely from the impact of him smacking the road.

The driver didn't stop immediately, as traffic was moving along. But he stopped about 5 meters ahead and everyone in the bus turned back to look in shock. The body was just lying on the street, lifeless. And the driver said in Mandarin (not Cantonese, which I don't understand).. he covered his eyes and said "I did't see that. I didn't see that." In utter shock and disbelief.

Then we saw some people going towards the body (I'm assuming to help this man out, but I really don't think anyone can survive a fall like that)... and the diver of our bus drove us to our destination.

He had fallen just a couple of feet next to our bus. He could have fallen on our bus, imagine the shock of that?! Actually if we had been a few feet to the right of the lane and he did hit our bus, the roof of the bus is a lot softer than road tarmac... maybe it would have broken his fall and he would survive.

We felt so sad, we had no mood to shop. David said," some poor family is going to get a call tonight to say someone is never coming home again."

I saw his body smack the ground, it's been recurring in the past few nights when I sleep. :(


  1. U know, actually if he had fallen on the roof of your bus, it could have killed someone/people inside depending on the impact.

    RIP stranger.

  2. I am very sorry that you and other passengers on the bus had to witness such a traumatic event, as well as for the man and his family. During times like this it also serves to remind us to treasure each day and moment with our loved ones. Perhaps a simple prayer for him (doesn't have to be religious) and as well as for yourself and others involved might help. I hope you feel better.


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