Lotte Koala's March Choco Ball

Lotte Koala's March is a bite-sized crunchy biscuit with a yummy cream filling. Each biscuit is imprinted with a cute koala character on its surface. Koala Character born from LOTTE KOALA'S MARCH are so cute, there's 365 different Koalas and counting! 

Have you seen people do the Koala March Shake with LOTTE's Koala March? It's a new way to eat it! Koala March is yummy! Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. 

I decided to try it out myself to see if I could make a choco ball. I used the strawberry flavoured ones but they also have Chocolate, Strawberry, Creamy Milk.

Try it :) 


  1. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Milk Flavor tasted horrible :(


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