I'm off to Hong Kong and Vietnam !

Finally we have the time to go away! We've planning a week in Hong Hong, then we fly to Hanoi for another week, and then to Ho Chi Minh for yet another week. OMG I am so excited. I'll blog on the go, and share my adventures with you.

By the way, when we planned this trip, I didn't know this yet... but it's much more expensive to fly one way out of Hong Kong! Bloody hell. Our flight from Hong Kong to Vietnam cost us $1100 for both of us. That's one way. By Vietnam air.  It would have been much cheaper to fly budget airlines back to Singapore from Hong Kong, and then from here fly to Vietnam. But we didn't want to waste a day of our holiday time (cos the transit in Singapore is for like 20 hours or something).

So, if you're planning a multi destination holiday, leave Hong Kong out. ( I would have left Hong Kong out, but David has never been to Hong Kong, so I wanted to take him there). All our other flights within Vietnam, and from Vietnam to Singapore and were cheap, about $100 to $200 each (one way).

Super excited about Vietnam because we've both never been there. Yayyyyyy!

Ok Bye for now! Stay tuned on my Instagram (@hollyjean69) and Facebook for pics on the go. And I'll blog as soon as I have some down time in the hotel.

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