The Haze so Bad Here

It's seriously freaking me out. We have haze every year because of bloody Indonesia's slash and burn... but I never expected it to get so bad. I'm not the doomsday prepper kind of person so there's not a single face mask in the house. In fact, if David and I have to seek refuge in our bomb shelter, all we have in there is dog food haha.
Last night we were alseep, and I woke up suddenly because the burning smell was so strong. I suppose it seeps through the air con filtration... so I checked the PSI index on my phone, and it was at a hazardous 320 PSI last night.

It seems to have gone under 300 now, under the hazardous levels and into 'very unhealthy' levels.

I'm going to head out to buy some face masks now hope the Watsons near my place still has it in stock (FYI people.. those surgical masks you wear are for keeping your saliva and mucus off people. It does not filter the air you breathe. You need the N95 respiratory type masks). Then after buying the masks, I have to make my way down to pasir ris to drop some off for my family.

I want to take Lola along with me because I worry about her. But I think she'll be better off at home with all the windows shut. :(

Here's a comparison.. of a pic I took on my balcony on a normal day (ignore the shoes, lol, I was doing a Reebok advertorial that day). And then one I just took a few minutes ago.
No haze
Today's Haze
These pics have not been filtered or edited.


  1. It has been so horrible. When I went out in the morning to get some breakfast, it was like I was walking through a ghost town. Hardly anyone going out.

  2. HJ, I trust you are doing all your exercising indoors.

    If you do any outdoors work outs I trust you are wearing an N95 mask. The level of pollution from the smog can cause serious health problems.



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