Almost the end of #iseebeauty contest...

It's almost the end of May, and the theme for this month's Live Brightly campaign by CooperVision is #iseebeauty.
 Beauty is everywhere.. capture it in a photo and share it.

If you haven't submitted your entry yet, it's the last couple of days for you to do so! All you need is to hashtag your Instagram pic (which you think represents beauty).. with #iseebauty AND @coopervision . Then your photo will be submitted automatically into the iSeeBeauty photo gallery where the top photo will win 3 month supply of CooperVision lenses and $1k to spend on a prize of your choice.

There are 2nd, 3rd and consolation prizes too. Head to the Coopervision FB page to find out more.

If you don't have Instagram, you can submit your #iseebeauty picture directly via their FB app.

Here are my fav #iseeBeauty entries so far...

I've been using my CooperVision ProClear 1-Day lenses and find them very comfy and convenient.
The lenses itself are very thin and soft, much more thinner than my previous permanent contacts, so they are more comfortable to wear. As for moisture, it feels ok most of the day but will start to feel dry at night if I am still wearing them. To me this is a great improvement in itself, because my eyes used to get dry and look red just half way through the day when I was on my other lenses.
I'm going to keep using these as my main every day lenses, as I feel they are better for my eyes. Plus its so convenient to just come home, take the lenses off and wash them down the sink! Next day, open a fresh clean pair. Each box has 30 lenses, so 2 boxes will last you a month.


  1. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Hello holly! This is totally irrelevant to this post. Saw your previous post saying abt hw u took initiative and thats how you got to know your hubby, so got curious and wonder if you asked for his no or ..? Im single, but always missing the chance to make new male friends because i just dont know how to take the initiative damn!

  2. yeah. sort of.

    met him at a restaurant at chijmes.

    He was with his friends. then I saw him go out for a smoke. So I left my table, and went out too, I asked if I could bum a cig off him. He gladly gave me one. (DOnt attempt this if u have never smoked before, u will end up coughing or choking lol... I used to smoke, so one stick was no problem for me).

    And we talked a little while standing there. And then the cig nearly finish... so I didnt want to lose this chance. I asked him if he's interested in beer fest?n(cos beer fest was on the next day).. and I said I had a spare ticket ( this it true lol).

    He said yes, we exchanged numbers. Smiled, went back to our tables.

    just additional story- (even though u din ask for it lol)
    Next day, in the afternoon, he said he was stuck at work, so cant make beer fest. So I invited some other date la.

    But in the end, abt 5plus pm, he msged to say.. ok he can make it. WTF!

    So i said, sorry, cannot, i gave the ticket away. lol. ANd said I would meet him straight after.

    So after my first date, the guy was so nice. he insisted he drop me off (I told him I had to go off staight after beer fest cos I meeting friends lol).

    ANd after tht first date with David.. I was so so about it. I hated his shirt haha... and also Cos i had other ppl to date what... But tht night when I was on my way home in cab, he messaged me a really nice message to say he had a good time chatting with me.. etc etc.. was VERY SWEET.

    So I decided to give it another shot. Second date onwards, I stopped dating other guys.

  3. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Thanks for the really detailed story! Nice of u to share w us. So wonderful that a chance encounter this way turns out to be ur soulmate in e end! Those times where i kind of took initiative, those guys always turned out to be attached. So bumped hahha. Now when i see a decent chap in a restaurant, ima pray hard that he visits the washroom or go for a smoke break so that i can pounce on him hahahhaah. :D


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