Sell Off Your Stuff with this phone App + No more Dip Dye for me

Was at Watsons and I got for myself the Hada Labo foaming cleanser (readers recommended me).... and also a box of Palty Hair Dye ($16.90. it's a bigger box than the other Palty dye which were $13.20). I chose the shade - Dark Ganache.
 I'm sick of my dip dye. Manic panic is supposed to fade after a few weeks or so. But my turquoise became darker... like a dark GREEN. So... time for a change!  (If you want to know how to do your own Dip Dye hair, click here to see how I did mine in my bathroom)
Covering my face in this shot because I haven't showered and have my glasses on some more! Lol. Like my pink Paul Frank PJs? :)
Palty hair dye is very easy to use.. it's a bubble dye.. it lathers up. Like a shampoo.. and it's not drippy messy.

Here's the outcome... I think this shade- Dark Ganache is a bit too dark for me, it's jet black. It did manage to cover all my green dip dye. and it's pretty even all over. Next time I'll opt for a brown.
I need to buy a good hair mask. Any from Watsons to recommend? I don't want Phyto, doesn't work well on me.

Oh, you would have noticed a new banner on my blog for OOMPR... It's a Free APP on iPhone and Android.
You can list your items for sale... very conveniently. Just look around your house, got something you want to sell off for a quick buck?? Just snap a pic with your phone and upload it. 

On OOMPR, there's a huge collection of items! You may sell your items OR buy items at affordable prices, EASILY on Oompr! Check out their weekly giveaways on facebook

Ok, I've downloaded the app.. And I listed some of my make up stuff (They got sold so fast... few items left). Products I only used once in the blog review/test. :)


  1. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Essential rich premier hair mask works wonders for me! :)

  2. pearly1:10 am

    Saw someone rec Schwarzkopf Gliss Shea Cashmere in a comment on one of your previous posts. Tried the shampoo + treatment and really liked them. Got the conditioner recently and am liking it very much too. Worth a try... available @ Watson's

  3. I just bourght Shiseido Tsubaki damage care hair mask from watsons. will update on its effects :)


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