DIY Turquoise Dip Dye Hair (Manic Panic & Palty)

After the Ombre hair trend (which I totally missed out on... because I never dye or colour my hair)... came the dip dye trend. It caught my attention because the trendy colours like pink, purple, blue... reminded me of My Little Pony hair! Mad Love.
So I finally decided to experiment with bleaching + dyeing my hair. I could have had this sponsored at the salon... but being the type of girl I am (lazy to book appointment and head to town and sit in a salon for hours) ...I thought.. seems simple enough a process, let me DIY in my own bathroom. 

*hur hur hur*

So I walked to my nearest Watsons store (in Novena) and bought the lightest dye I could find, which happens to be PALTY FLASH BLEACH. It was only $14+. 

I also used a bottle of Manic Panic Amplified which Singapore doesn't seem to sell just on the shelves (Please Watsons, would you bring this in!!!???). I got mine from US ($20+). 

It's a Turquoise colour. The colour is semi permanent, so it will last a couple of months at most (I'm guessing). I still have half a bottle, so if I want to, I'll re do in 2 months or so. ( I think can be kept)
Ok here's what I did. Tied 2 pony tails, and brought them to the front, so it's easy for me to work with. Bleached my hair with the Palty Bleach mixture (just follow mixing instructions on the Palty box). It says to leave on for 30-40 minutes. Do not leave longer than 40 minutes as it will damage your hair. 

I only put it on for 5 minutes, and as I was doing the other pony tail.. I noticed my previous one turning extremely blonde... within 5 minutes. Freaky fast. So I got scared, because my hair is ultra fine. Even when I do rebonding (in the salon) they leave the chemicals on for a shorter time than usual. I decided to wash it all off after 15 minutes.

Here's the result. Maybe I could have waited longer. But better safe than sorry la.

Then I took a short break, and did some advertorial drafts (you will see later on in some of my blog posts... eh how come my hair dip dye blonde?! But actually it's only the interim while taking a break from hair processing!)
Actually, maybe I bleached too big portion of my hair for dip dye... but I didn't want to waste my Palty bleach by doing only the very ends of the hair (the bleach cannot be kept). 
Pony tails back on again, ready for next step- Manic Panic Amplified in Turquoise.
I just applied the blue stuff directly to my hair (wear gloves!!), I didn't use a dyeing brush or anything. Just squirt a blob out and work it through each ponytail. Make sure to get inside...and get all the strands in the ponytail. After that, I just put plastic bags over each pony tail, so I could go and cook myself some lunch.

After 30 minutes, I washed it off under the shower (don't use warm water). No shampoo either. Just rinse until the water is no longer bluish.

Then towel dry and blow dry.


I'm so pleased with the results... especially for the first time I'm dyeing my hair (plus dyeing it on my own some more!). The quality of my fine hair is thankfully still ok, just a bit flyaway... but bleaching is harsh, so I better head back to Watsons to buy a good hair mask/treatment!

What do you think?  Are you inspired to DIY this too? :)


  1. I love the last pic!!!! Actually you can do the entire hair that! You can also go around with that 2 plastic bags lol.

  2. I would love to try! but too bad SG doesn't sell Manic Panic Amplified :/ It's a good idea to use a plastic bag, it won't be so messy :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous3:55 pm

    It's available in singapore!!!

  4. But expensive though... $32. Will see if I can get stock in frm us

  5. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Deer in headlights!

  6. Anonymous11:35 am

    what would happen if you didn't use bleach?

    1. If I don't bleach.. I don't think anything will happen.. as in it wont change colour at all... cos my original hair is way to dark to be able to take the turquoise.

  7. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Hi, 77th .street is selling MAnic Panic :)

  8. Anonymous7:12 pm

    What will happen to your hair after the manic panic fades out? Will it be the bleached blonde colour again? Love your hair btw.

    1. Doesn't fade back to blonde . It lightens to a faint turquoise instead, after a few months. Then when I got sick of it, I dyed dark brown over it. And can still see a bit of green coming through ....

  9. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Where can i get the manic panic?

    1. Online u can try qoo10, Carousell .

      Shop I got from Basement at Scape (Orchard) before but I haven't bought manic panic in a year or more so not sure if still got there

    2. jus wondering, how long did it take to start fading? also, have you tried the classic colours? I'm debating on paying more for the amplified, but not sure exactly how much longer it stays in for super black hair

    3. It stayed in VERY VERY long, so long that I can't give u a time frame because I got bored and dyed it black. More than a couple months. It started fading from bright turquioise to bright green after a month. then stayed bright green until I dyed it black.

      doesn't matter if your hair is super black, because you must bleach it anyway. As in it won't colour onto black hair, hair needs to be bleached white or like what I did, bleached to a blondish colour.

      Never tried the classic.... but this amplified did stay.

  10. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Hi, did u use shampoo to wash off the bleach? Need to dry the hair before putting the turquoise dye?

    1. Yes shampoo off the bleach (conditioner too) then completely dry (air or blow also can) before manic panic.


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