My Haul From Kohe Pets :D

Lola's pet food, treats and accessories from Kohe Pets was delivered to my doorstep last week!! It only took 3 days for the Free delivery. 
I stocked up on all her favourites, as well as many new stuff that I wanted her to try out. The prices were low, and the process so convenient, so why not? :)
The first new thing is the Farnam Easy Brush (Small. They have other sizes too) and DDS Canine Dental Toothpaste. It's important to brush your dogs teeth, otherwise they will get gum problems later in life. But I struggle to brush her teeth with the regular doggy toothbrush! It's rather ineffective to only get them brushed when she goes to the groomer because that's like once every 2 months!

This Easy Brush is shaped like a bone chew toy, but at the end, there are dense but soft bristles embedded. I just need to push the tasty toothpaste into the bristles, and Lola gets her teeth brushed while chewing. Only takes about 2 minutes... I will do this weekly.
 Lola already has many soft toys, so I thought this time round, I got her toys that work her brain too. The JW Sphericon Dog Toy ( in size 5 & 6) This is like a kong, it holds treats, and your dog needs to get the treats out before he can eat it.
 It kept her entertained for a long time.. before she finally gave up (poor thing)... then I helped her fish the treats out. LoL. Now I break the treats into smaller pieces so it's easier for her to get them out. I think either my dog a bit dumb, or not enough strength to press the ball. haha.
I also stocked up on her regular dog kibbles- Purina Pro Plan Shreded Blend Chicken and Rice (6lb bag for $36.50). And I wanted to try out a brand I've not seen in pet stores- Bosch Poultry & Spelt Dry Dog Food (3kgbag for $25.30). 
 Lola Loves her tray food for breakfast (I give her half a tray every morning), and regular kibbles during the day. I've always been giving her Divine, and paying approx $1.40 per 100g tray. I super stocked up on 2 months supply of Divine Trays because Kohe Pets sells them at just $1.20 each.. and so many flavours available! I am also going to try out Pompey Tray food, I've always seen them in the pet stores, but never bought them cos they were kind of expensive (in my opinion), But Kohe Pets sells  them at $1.60 per tray only, so I can try :)
JerHigh and Bow Wow are her regular doggy treats she loooves, so I got her those and also some new treats from Nature's 1, etc.
 Love this doggy shampoo. The smell is light, it makes Lola's fur soft, and best of all, it's tearless... so gentle on her eyes.
 Lola gets weekly showers... but my fiance does it... I am a bit too lazy...
Aww.. wet dog. ( Don't worry, she's not tortured.. she just hates getting wet... that's why the pitiful face!!)
 My favourite purchase so far... my new Khaki stripes carrier bag from Pet Care. It's so practical- there are compartments for her water, food, tissues, treats, poopy bags. And it is comfortable for her- air vents, mesh, spacious, with lovely leopard print and a plush interior.
 "Come on, let's go out!!!"
I love when Lola is pampered, fed well, and is a happy dog, thanks to the convenience and affordability of shopping online at Kohe Pets. She's such an easy going and well behaved dog, she's my darling.


  1. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Don't understand why dog's hate getting wet, don't they feel hot in Singapore?

  2. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Proplan and Jerhigh treats aren't the best things out there to feed your dogs with. Try grain-free kibble and all natural treats such as fish skins instead.

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