Upcycle Thursday: My Old LipSticks (& Temporary Lip Tattoo Spree!)

Gather all the old or broken lipsticks. I don't have smashed or broken lipsticks (as I am quite a careful person) but I have a lot of unused listicks. Either I don't really like the colour after buying it, or I am just tired of it now that I have other new ones...

If the lipstick has splotches on them or smells bad... throw them away. 

So gather all your lipsticks, dig them out from the tube and place them in a small pot/saucepan/ metal bowl. You will have a whole mix of shades.

Now, to melt them down.. you need to double boil them. Double Boiling means you boil water in a large pot, and within this large pot of boiling hot water, you place another smaller pot/saucepan/ metal bowl into it. This smaller one holds your bits of lipstick. (Make sure water does not get to the lipstick itself).

Melt the lipsticks down to a liquid using the heat from the water (which is in the larger pot).

Once melted (it only takes a few minutes), mix it well and then pour into a clean empty little pot. You can buy those travel sized little pots for make up, or re use an old Lip balm pot. Let it cool down and solidify.

And like magic.. for practically $0... you have yourself a new lippie colour to use (with a small brush). Best part is.. it's really cool to find out and be surprised with what colour you get out of combining all your old unwanted lipsticks! 


*** This not about Upcycling... but it's a cheap deal***

Because we're all about lips today... have you heard of Temporary Lip Tattoos. I've used the ones from Violent Lips before (and they were Good!), $19.90 for a pack of 3 sheets if I remember correctly. 1 sheet does one set of lips (top & bottom). Too expensive for me so I am glad I found a cheaper no brand alternative.

They're good fun, especially for nights out... or if u just like dabbling with make up and creating different looks.

My friend and I are starting a quick spree now, just to get a good deal on some temporary Lip Tattoos for ourselves. Want to join in? I must order minimum 100 sheets and it will cost just USD$1 each only. Cannot choose the designs though as they will be given randomly. I like most of the designs anyway... there will be a mixture of funky and more subtle ones too.
Designs from the supplier.

If you want to join this spree, you can order 1 Lot of 5 (random mix of designs) at only SGD$1.20 per sheet. (I am getting it at 1USD, so I approx convert to SGD $1.20 each ok?). 

You can order more than 1 Lot if you want. Each lot costs SGD $6 (5 sheets). Inclusive of normal mail to ur Singapore address.

SPREE Closes next Monday (20th Aug) and all payments have to be made by then in order to secure your order. Just email me hollyjean69@gmail.com if you want to order. Takes approx 3 weeks for delivery.

If you've never heard of Temporary Lip tattoos and don't know how it's applied on your lips.. watch these helpful tutorials below.  :)

p/s- late orders after 20th Aug will not be entertained okie.. cos I want to place the orders with the supplier already. Otherwise I have to wait longer to receive my Lippies!!! 

Also, I am unable to give u specific designs but it will be an assortment. If you want, you can email me with the particular kind you like, e.g rainbows, or leopards, or glitter... and I WILL TRY to send those ones to you when the whole spree lot arrives, but no promises to be exact. apologies :(

But this is so very cheap already... so I will be quite pleased if I am able to get my lip tattoos at 1USD each. Join this spree k!!! :D


  1. Anonymous1:43 am

    Hi holly, I have a beach holiday scheduled one month from now & need to get into shape quickly. Do you have any methods to help me intensively whip my ass into shape in this one month?:)

  2. pearly11:25 am

    curious... are the temporary lip tattoos actually comfortable? do they stretch with your lips? i keep thinking that they're going to be all stiff and dry. my lips will dry out and peel if i don't put a balm over it, so i know if this would be a good idea...?

  3. @ Pearly - they are matte to the touch, so u can put balm or gloss over it to give ur lips a sheen.

    You cant put it on flaky lips, i think the results will be bad. So do exfoliate your lips (by rubbing with ur finger or toothbrush while in the shower) and then put lip balm on, let it soak in. Then before putting on the tattoo, wipe ur lips dry (as in no sticky lip balm on it).

    It has some stretch to it, which is a must otherwise the sticker will crack when smiling. But it is not as comfy as bare lips.

    Good fun for experimenting, or for a party. but i dont recommend for like everyday use.

  4. Yay Beach holiday!!

    Dont procrastinate. start working out now! cos u wont see results so fast. Maybe in week 3 .. u will see and feel it.


    Try spinning classes. if u cant get to a gym, then go up and down ur stairs in your block. Like for 30 mins each day.

  5. Anonymous10:41 am

    Hi Holly, where are the lip tattoos made in?

    Interested to get a couple!

  6. No idea. Probably China.

    The spree is closed and I already sent in the order. But I've ordered extra, so email hollyjean69@gmail.com if you'd like one lot :)


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