My Debut Collection launched at ClubCouture !!!

For the past 3 years as a ClubCouture ambassador, I designed the Earth Angel Dress and the 'Holly' Dress and loved the experience very uch.

I am so excited this time round... because I have a whole collection of 10 designs! And last month, ClubCouture made the whole treat an even better one by doing a lookbook shoot for my designs!
We had an outdoor shoot at Wessex. The whole feel of the shoot was natural and rustic. I love how Wessex has old black and whites, old swings, tractors and many scenes old school.
It was a freaking hot day though! And I amaze myself at how non-athletic I can be. Almost gave myself a butt cramp and heart attack just trying to get into this tyre swing. (Haha...You try doing it in heels!!)
But I love how the photos turned out. Gritty. Interesting setting. Love Love Love!
See how fun and effortless swinging looks? LoL.  To see the rest of the Lookbook shots- Click Here.

Just last week, a special package came from ClubCouture for me... my personal issue of all 10 of my designs!!! I was so excited, I got my brother to help me take pictures of me in every single one of them. You can view the whole album - click here.

Let me tell you more about a few of them...

Cobalt Drape Dress
    A gorgeous shade of shocking blue. This comfy drape dress has an elasticated waist and a V-neckline.
    Nera Lace Cape Dress
    This is an exquisite black mini dress with a full lace overlay. It's comfy and stretchy too.
    Scarlet Cutout Bodycon Dress
    A super gorgeous shade of red. This dress will turn heads with it's sexy unique cut-out neckline and exposed zipper back.

    This halter dress is a pretty pink, with wide lapels in a contrasting  plum shade. The wrap front design gives a sexy low neckline.
    I'll share with you more about the rest of my designs soon. If you want to see the rest of the shots of my designs, it's in my Facebook album (click here). And do give me feedback on my designs as well as what you'd like to see more of.

    To shop my designs at ClubCouture, - Click here. They come in 3 different sizes. Club Couture now offers free shipping worldwide (no minimum spend needed) and free next day delivery for all Singapore orders :)hope you'll enjoy these pieces as much as I have! Happy Shopping! 


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