My Earth Angel Dress

With your support (thanks for voting for my design!)... my dream dress is no longer just a dream.

ClubCouture has manufactured my dress! And it can be yours too! :)

I've chosen a light soft pastel/cream crinkled chiffon fabric and have decided to name it the...
Earth Angel Chiffon Maxi Dress.

Of course tall girls look fab in maxi dresses. But this maxi dress is suitable for the petite as well because it is not a heavy dress. It's easy to look slimmer and taller in a maxi dress when it's one single colour, The fabric is light and flows nicely. It is fully lined (not see through). The cut is forgiving to all figures as it lightly skims the body. It's available in Small, Medium & Large.

It has a flattering empire bust line. The back of the empire waistband is elastic, so it can stretch to accomodate bigger framed girls too. The front of the bust has slight gathers, giving fullness to the fabric. The thin spagthetti straps add to the delicate look of the dress.

Putting on this dress makes me feel beautiful. It makes me float. It makes me feel like an angel.

I'm imagining wearing this dress while riding sideways on a horse galloping down the beach as the waves lap at its feet. *Dreamy gaze*

It's the perfect dress for any occasion that you want to feel and look your most beautiful.

When designing my dream dress, my aim was to make one feel beautiful, elegant, delicate and yet sexy (not the raunchy kind). It has to look expensive and exquisite, be made of quality fabric that has the right texture and weight to fall lightly on your body, yet be affordable. (It's SG$79)

It's simple yet elegant enough to be worn as a gown. The kind of dress that will make you look and feel like you could float into a room and all eyes will be on you because you're stunning.

That's my Earth Angel dress. :)
Thank you all (and ClubCouture for making my dream dress a reality)
Click Here to view this dress at the ClubCouture site.


  1. What size are you wearing? Did they make the other dresses?

  2. Anonymous11:44 pm

    you look lovely, HJ!
    hey don't worry, am not a stalker . happen to stumble upon your blog as I am also a regular at Kerry's =)
    very nice blog! keep it up!

  3. @Jas - Size S. I suggest that everyone UK 10 and under take size S.

    The ther winning dress is Melissa's modern cleopatra and it's on the clubcouture site.

  4. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Thanks for thinking about girls who are not stick thin!

    I can get the L size. :)

    It is beautiful HJ!

  5. What bra do u wear underneath? The back seems really low..

  6. There are a few options:

    1. braless. (this is what I did.)

    It is fully lined, and the runching and texture of the crinkled chiffon fabric means tht the material does not cling onto your skin.

    The empire bustline (the band just under bust which goes all round) provides some support underbust too.

    2. Nipple tape (though i don't think it's necessary for this dress)

    3. Sticker bra. Best for women with bigger boobs which need more support and lift.

    3. Silicon bra - can be easily hidden under this dress.

    4. bikini (if using as casual resort dress... but of course not when using as a formal/event gown!)

    5. Stitch in triangle padding (same as bikini padding.) Because of the shape of the bust design, u can easily hand stitch in the triangle shaped padding. Stitch the 3 corners (NOT ALL AROUND!), and make sure u stitch it onto the lining only, so the thread will never be visible. ( I do this for a lot of my low back dresses.. but i didn't do for this dress as I didnt think it was necessary after trying it on.)

  7. Ooh boobs!4:53 pm

    sorry not being crude here but ur boobs seem perky! What exercise do u do? I cant imagine gg braless... Im not well endowned and as i grow older my once perky boobs aren't exactly to be proud abt! :P

  8. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Hi the dress..but I am not tall,just about question is will I be cleaning the street with the hem of the dress? Thanks!

  9. @ooh boobs- erm. i dont think i will sag (well.. not until i am very old) cos I tend to build muscles easily, and not fat ( guess it's my body type) , and my boobs too small to sag. lol

    But there are sooo many options! Nice push up bras, and those sticker bras (not the heavy silicon stick ons!) for when u need to go braless.

    @ anon - 159 shld be just ok if u wear heels. if you it's too long, there is also the option to hem up the dress a bit. or the easiest way is to bring it up a bit by stitching the straps shorter.

  10. Holly Jean,

    A truly beautiful dress!

    Of course it looks awewome on you!

  11. I wanted to get it but it was already sold out in S, aaaah!

  12. Deb, can always consider buying an M + putting up enough weight to fill it.

  13. @G- u must be a guy.

    No woman would PUT ON weight to fit into a dress.

    More likely the other way round.. buy a size smaller, and try to lose weight to fit into it.

    @Debs, the empire waist area can be stitched smaller. no need to alter the skirt part as it's all the same flare.

    I will be coming up with my own label soon btw!!


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