Optifog Activator

I've been a BIG BIG fan of Essilor ever since I got my Crizal lenses from last year. This year, I was invited back to Integrated Eyecare Centre at Vivocity to get the new OPTIFOG lenses. 
Guess who I met on my way there? Yongwei! :) He was getting the OPTIFOG lenses too, perfect because he is going into army soon. Humidity is always fogging his lenses up. 

Lenses usually fog up because of humidity, changes in temperatures, sports like running, your own body heat and even eating hot food!
Essilor, the world leader in ophthalmic optics, has developed the all-new Optifog, the 1st high performance and durable anti-fog eyeglass lenses. 

Fog is water vapor which is condensed into tiny droplets lying close to a surface and limiting considerably visibility. I HATE when i get out of the taxi and my glasses fog up... I even find it a little embarrassing! 
Check it out.. I tested the lenses at Integrated Eyecare last week... I placed the lens infront of a humidifier... the right part of the lens is the OPTIFOG lens. The left side is just generic lens.
... the left side fogged up so badly.. I could even write the word FOG on the lens with my finger! The OPTIFOG side stayed crystal clear! Not even a bit cloudy! Fantastic!
To maintain the properties of your OPTIFOG lenses, every week or so...you can drop one drop of this OPTIFOG Activator solution onto each lens and wipe with the soft cloth (both comes free with your lenses). One tiny bottle will last 6 months.   Additional bottles are only Sg$5.

At the moment, all other anti fog lenses in the market need to be treated with their anti fogging solutions DAILY. OPTIFOG's weekly maintenance is much less of a hassle. And you no longer have to worry about being blinded by foggy lenses again :)
I was deciding between these two frames.... I wanted either red or white because I already have black geeky ones.
 In the end.... this is the pair I chose! :)

I tested the anti fog properties of my new glasses by placing them in the freezer. No Foggy lenses. 

Then I placed them above my kettle which had hot water. The steam went past it, condensed eveything else.. but not my glasses. Perfect!

Not only are my new Optifog lenses fog proof, they also have ultra UV protection. Did you know, UV rays are harmful because they accelerate eye aging, and appearance of cataracts causing long-term reversible and irreversible damages to your vision?!

I love my new glasses!!! They are most definitely fog proof... even in the most extreme conditions, and I enjoy the same crystal clear vision I got with my Crizals. Only with Essilor!

Big thank you to Vibes Communications, Essilor Singapore and Integrated Eyecare Centre.


  1. Hi Holly Jean!

    I'm buying new glasses and one optician recommended Optifog for me, and one didn't (I live in rainy Vancouver, Canada and do winter sports & hiking etc.). They said that in RAIN the droplets don't form as normal on the lenses and make it difficult to see. Do you know about this and do you have this problem?


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  3. It keeps fog away but not rain. Rain droplets form pretty normally on mine though. U can also consider crizal lenses.. They are not fog resistant but rain and water droplets slide off fast


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