9GAG Singapore

Have you heard of 9GAG SINGAPORE? It' on FB ( click here).. full of funny memes that revolve around Singapore and Singapore humour. Great for a laugh :)
I was chatting to a friend on FB today, and then suddenly this idea cropped up.. and he said he was gong to use it for a meme on 9GAG SINGAPORE, then I found out he's one of those who runs it! Bloody hell... what a freaking fun job! Anyways.. go check the page out ... you will like it.. (if you're Singaporean or have been here long enough)  :-D

Look what I found in today's papers... ettusais.sg Gift with purchase is a big pink tote! Whoop! Nice.
I already have the mini one, they sent to my place last weekend.. with a duckie cupcake!! To mark their 20th Birthday!
Quick Read this week: Dead End Relationships .. Personal opinions from both my bestie and myself and our opposing views on dead end relationships.
Must read!

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