Freshel's All-in-One Skincare Solutions

Freshel by Kanebo has 2 product lines; White C and Moist Lift.

The Moist Lift line provides immediate and intense moisturization, while the WHITE C line provides immediate brightening effect. Both lines have a fast-acting, penetrating effect.

Today I want to share with you products I love from the White C and Moisture Lift range.

Being exposed to the sun for extended periods will result in dark spots and dryness. The Freshel White C range takes care of this problem by providing an effective solution with its ―Instant Penetration, Moisturising and Whitening formula.

White C Whitening Lotion (M) AA

This lotion softens and pentrates my skin very quickly. It has penetrating vitamin C which is an active whitening ingredient, adhesive collagen and an alpha hydroxy acid mixture.
It is applied after cleansing. You can use your palm or a cotton pad. I prefer using a cotton pad as it's less messy and I feel it also helps exfoliate my skin in a gentle way. This product leaves my skin feeling plump because it has moisturising properties and does not strip away moisture from my skin.
Don't forget to get into the creases like around the nose area, use both sides of the cotton pad, and sweep it across your neck too. The brightening effect of this lotion is immediate, I saw the difference from the very first application.

White C Whitening Essence Cream

This whitening essence delivers active ingredients (penetrating Vitamin C) directly to the source of dark spots. It inhibits the formation of melanin to prevent dark spots while adhesive collagen moisturises, softens and lifts up old keratin, the cause of spots.

For targeted treatment of any blemishes, freckles or dark spots on my face, the special nozzle allows for precise application directly onto my skin.
Then I will gently spread any excess essence over my cheeks and nose area, with my fingertips. The product is effective and also gentle on the skin as it is fragrance free and has no artificial colouring.

White C W Cream UV

This is a moisturising cream and make up base with UV protection.
It is not clear or white, but actually has a skin coloured tone. The texture is light and non-greasy.
To spread this evenly, I place a little on 5 points of my face ( Forehead, both cheeks, nose and chin).
Then I use my fingertips to gently, quickly and lightly spread the cream all over my face and neck. It is light enough for the eye area too. The cream spreads easily and adheres well to the skin.
It gives a light, dewey and luminous finish. You can follow up with your foundation, but I find that this UV cream on its own provides enough coverage so I usually do not use foundation or powder after.
Freshel's multifunctional skincare range perfect for women looking for a fuss-free beauty regime. Just pencil in my eyebrows, put on mascara, blusher, lipgloss ... and I'm done!

I love the other range just as much too. The Moisture Lift range is perfect for those in need of an extra boost of hydration. My skin gets dehydratred from travel and late nights working on the computer.

Here are my 3 star products from the Moisture Lift range.
Moisture Lift Moisture Soap- Cleanser
You should never apply any cleanser directly to your face, you should always lather it up first. I test for good lather by turning it upside down, if it holds and does not drip, then the consistency is perfect. However, good lather is not easy to do.
Great thing is, you will always get perfect lather with this product as it instantly creates such a soft lather which feels so pampering on fatigued skin. Just press to dispense lather!It removes pore-clogging dirt, blackheads, and dullness. My skin does not feel tight after using this because of the adhesive collagen and hyaluronic acid in it for added nourishment. If your cleanser leaves your skin feeling "squeaky" clean, that means it is too harsh and has stripped your skin of precious moisture! Try this cleanser and feel the difference.

Moist Lift Milk (Ex Moist) N
I use this after cleansing and toning. It's a very fluid moisturiser, and it gets absorbed by my skin very quickly. I find this especially useful in the day time before putting on my make up.

I just pour out a small amount (about 2cm in diameter) onto my palm and rub both hands together before using both hands to apply this milk all over my face. It has Hyaluronic acid, adhesive collagen and silk essence to moisturise my skin. Plus yeast extract which softens the keratin in my skin, this is vital in order to allow my skin to absorb all the hydration this milk provides.

Moist Lift Cream (Ex Moist) N
I use this cream as my night time moisturiser. It has all the same key ingredients as the milk but it is a little heavier. I use a clean fingertip to swipe out a small amount (never double dip or return any cream back into the pot!). Then I spread it all over my face using my fingertips to pat in the cream. Remember to spread the excess all over your neck and chest area as these areas are prone to aging and drying out too.
This is good for those who have drier skin. When I travel and am more prone to dehydrated skin, I use this cream after lotion (toner) and emulsion (milk) application. It doesn't feel thick or uncomfortable. When I wake up, my skin feels supple and soft.

It truly doesn't take hours and tonnes of make up to look fresh faced. All it takes is some sleep and help from Freshel's White C and Moisture Lift range. :)

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These products are available at selected BHG, Guardian Pharmacy, John Little, Sasa & Watsons.