Being Virgin Again

Revirginisation. Have you heard of it?
It is when a person is a born again virgin. Basically it is making a commitment to purposely withhold sex until a later time, usually until marriage. Of course, the time spent in abstinance has to be intentional and considerably long, at least one year for it to be considered a revirginisation.

You cannot just skip sex for a month, or be unlucky a go through a dry phase because no one wants to be with you.... and consider yourself revirginised.

Maybe it is indeed impossible to get virginity back, but it's not impossible to decide to start over fresh. I think it's great to decide to wait until the right moment with the right person before deciding to have sex again.

What do you think of revirginisation? Would you ever try it?(or already have tried it!)

p/s- If you're facing mean people, or people who hate you (for no good reason) at work, or school.... let this be your matra...

It works for me :)


  1. I thought you're advertising for some form of surgery.

  2. Anonymous12:05 pm

    aren't you troubled by your past or something? I meant how is it that you can totally forget about all the sex you've had and like totally not let them affect you in your perspective of sex with your new partner? you'll never know if he will be the type that once you give him sex and he will be asking for sex so much to the point where you might start feeling that he only wants you for sex.

  3. Anonymous12:18 am

    does that include abstaining from masturbation?? that sounds like the movie 40 days 40 nights.

  4. Er.. Never heard of it before and don't see the point of it either. Sex is natural to humans and meant to be enjoyed not withheld. I'm talking safe sex of cos. May be for some people but defly not for me.

  5. @Dr CHan- no no.. not vaginoplasty or whatever it's called :)

    @anon12.05- not forgetting my past or troubled by it. It's just something I am trying out (well.. have been for the last 6 over months now) and I wanted to see what ppl thought.

    @anon 12.28- never watched tht movie! but not .. does not include masturbation. Doesn't mean u can't sleep with or cuddle either. It just means no intercourse.

    @TCL- yes, sex is natural. But sometimes delaying gratification can have it's perks. (I hope!) haha

  6. Anonymous12:43 am

    I was in this position before! A wee bit promiscuous until i met my then-bf who didn't want sex cos he wanted to wait till im rightfully his.
    And so i did hold out sex for abt 4 years (!!) and i might say, i felt revirginised - 'fresh' and it made the relationship so much more beautiful and meaningful.
    We're married now and while we're not humping like rabbits, sex feels more fulfilling somehow.
    I know im rambling on and am at the risk of not sounding coherent, all i wanna say is its gonna be worth it Holly!

  7. Holly Jean,

    One can be virgin only once.

    Calling yourself celibate appropriate use of the term.

    Calling yourself virgin again, might be considered deceptive.


  8. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Phew...thanks for clarifying. At least we know your Lelo Mia Black won't get obsolete & collect dust. hee! :P

    anon 12.28.


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