Holly Jean's Events For November

Today's outfit is from - Lusilala. It's one of their latest self manufactured items.. a flowly ruffly mustard top.

I love the cage-like neckline, and the straps are adjustable. The flowy cut of this top makes me feel slimmer, it's more forgiving, esp now when I am going through a slight fat phase and I'm not exercising.


Here are some events I am a part of in November... I want to see you there too :)

5th November, 10am till 6pm the NS Portal is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a big party at East Coast ( near burgerking). There'll be music from DJ Lady Harada, Passion, and Live Parkour action, X-Treme Rope, Futsal challenges, and a Cheerleading team. Watch 80 contestants fight it out for the Fitness Challenge ’II in the Funky Obstacle Course and see who will bring home the grand prize of $10,000!
Our Newest Fit+Life! blogger - local budding artiste Amanda Tee, will be performing original songs from her debut album from 11-12pm. If you’re fast enough, you get to own a copy of her album, signed by her.

1 – 2pm: Get Fit! Fitness coach Ding Yifei and Kelsey Lim

3 – 4pm: Get Ahead! writers Flightstick and Aeryn

5 – 6pm: ME!!! I'll be at the lifestyle booth, give me your best pick up lines and I will pick the best ones. Or if you don't have a line, just come and take pics with me lah. :)

Lots of generous prizes... freebies and ben & jerry's for all! :) (Click here for info)
If you don't already know.... TuxSeeDo's huge launch event on the 12th of November, registration will start at the Greek Theatre at the Singapore Flyer (2pm) and then fan out the whole of Marina Bay. It's free and open to everyone! All you need is an iPhone to download the tuxseedo app.Do join us for this even as there will be awesome prizes (including the iPad2 for the best player that day), freebies and fun things to See and Do for everyone! (Click here for event details and invites )

Join Danny and I at this event. He's a Fun Activist for TuxSeeDo.com too. If he looks familiar, it's because he was the magician on OMG! :)

There's the Singha Full Moon Party. It's going to be the sexiest party of the year. The Guest DJ is PlayBoy Bunny Sophia Lin. In a few days, I'll let you know how you can get on the guestlist and enjoy free flow of Singhas! Stay tuned!


  1. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Hi Holly,
    I went to the LusiLala website, but they didn't have the mustard top you were wearing. Why is this so? I wanted to look at it and all.

  2. Just found out tht it launches 6oct 8pm at lusilala. :)

  3. Anonymous6:36 pm

    thanks holly! (:

  4. Anonymous6:39 pm

    but it's the month of november now?


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