How To Tell if Your GF is Crazy?

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How to Tell if a Woman is Crazy???

This one is for the boys.... in the recent slew of beauty and fashion posts, you may have been feeling a little neglected. (sorry!) Well, this one is just for you.

Let’s face it, this country is full of nutters. Life can be a living hell if your girlfriend is a crazy one and yet you’re in too deep and cannot just leave her. So as a favour to all of you good men out there, here are the 5 warning signs to help prevent you from falling in love with a Crazy Woman.

1. She ONLY has guy friends . This means humans from her own sex don’t want to be around her. The only guys who are her friends are those that want an opportunity to score and get in her pants. It’s not normal for a girl to have no female friends.. she’s going to latch on to you and demand every single waking minute of your attention.

2. She talks about her ex (or talks TO her ex) everyday. Be careful. Emotions haven’t had a chance to stabilise yet. If you start something with her, be prepared to hear her talk about her ex non-stop… and also be prepared to be a possible rebound. (I know... because years ago, this crazy one was me! I was dating such a nice and fucking handsome guy at the time, but after a few weeks, I ended up patching back with Mark. What a mistake.)

3. She has cheated in the past. It’s a woman’s nature to be fleeting and fickle with food, fashion and other stuff. But if she has cheated in the past, then it’s likely for her to repeat this. She is easily swayed, loyalty is nothing to her. Remember, women cheat just as much as men. They only hide it better.

4. She wears only pink . Now don’t get me wrong, I love pink. But a girl who will only dress like a walking talking barbie doll is nuts. She will make you listen to her giddy gossip, put pink stuff in your home and car, and she will make you watch GLEE!

5. She says “I’m not crazy.” This is just a smokescreen She's probably been called crazy before numerous times, so she now states whenever she meets someone new- that she is indeed not a Nutjob. Normal people don't feel the need to do this. (It's kind of like the people who say things like "I'm a bad liar, I can't lie". You'll find that it's a smokescreen too... they usually end up being the biggest liars!)

If your girl has shown any one of those traits so far.. be careful. She’s keeping all her crazy in a bottle, and she’ll only let it out little by little. She will lure you and trap you, until a time where perhaps she has moved in to your home. Then she'll put your dog in the blender while you’re at work.



By the way, I'm perming my hair next Thursday. Cos everytime I have a shoot and they curl my hair, I wish it were permanent and not just for a few hours. So yeah.. gonna perm it! Should I go for curls like in the first 2 pics? or for waves like my last shoot with cosmo(last pic) ?


  1. Anonymous1:47 pm

    I think it is more important to note what kind of perm you do.

    Cold perm (normal perm with solutions) can't really give you the effect you are looking for. Results are kinda 80s looking and frizzy. You will need loads of styling for it to look neat and ready.

    What you are looking for is digital perm. They give you the results of how hot rollers look like; soft, wavy but with pronounced curls. Less damage to the hair as well. And it is more wash and wear. Best way to describe it would be rebonding but with rollers, so it works well even for frizzy or limp hair. The only set back is the price and that not all salons offer the service.

  2. Anonymous2:19 pm

    curls suit u best !!

  3. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Waves! Or whatever style it is you have in the 3rd photo. You look gorgeous there (:

  4. Anonymous9:36 pm

    curls in the 3rd photo looks the best!

  5. Love the curls you had at the H&K Where's Wally party! Gorrrgeouss x

  6. Anonymous12:21 am

    yeah i agree with the first commentor. its actually hard to achieve those really nice curls through perming.

  7. Anonymous10:35 am

    Big bouncy curls! The first pic looks like maggie mee hair.

  8. Anonymous11:20 am

    Third! =)

  9. Sherin11:05 pm

    third pic :)

  10. you look very glam with curls in the last pic! very 'princessy'

    anw, do they still sell the hello kitty pouch? im a mad hello kitty fan and THAT IS TOO CUTE! i wanna get for my iphone!

  11. Anonymous6:57 pm

    The last pic! It look gorgeous on you.


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