Sold Out at FLEA ESCAPE... so fast!

(NEW STOCK will be in Saturday at 1pm)

Shin Min newspapers picked up on my flea sale... plus my blog readers came down too.... and amazingly... I managed to sell everything I brought down.. in 2 hours plus!
I set up at 10.30 am... other stalls didn't set up yet because the sale starts at 11am. Just as other people were setting up their stalls...

I had my first customer strolling in at 10.45ish... luckily I just finished setting up! I have 2 stalls side by side (click to see enlarged pic of my 2 stalls stocked up!).

(My mother took my photo.. that's why blurry!) I brought down 300 items.... mostly selling for $2 and $5.

Both my stalls were super busy.. good thing my mom stayed to help me out. I love the Flea Escape Stalls, they're so pretty and attractive!!! Well done guys!

After the first hour plus.. only very little was left. Felt quite bad for the people who turned up later.... but I really brought as much as we could carry.. 300 items is no joke!

That's my empty stall in the background. :) But there are like 20 other stalls that are still open today (and this weekend), all selling clothes, accessories, iphone accessories, etc. Go take a look.

I will be back tomorrow (saturday at 1pm) with some more new stock (mostly clothes!). Look at my FB wall for latest updates.

I hope I don't clear my entire wardrobe in the next 2 days!!! I'll have nothing more to wear!!!

If you want to book booths for your next flea sale, you can email: (website- FleaEscape)


  1. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Nothing related to your post, but my bf of 1 week just ask me to meet his parents and he said he loves me. Do you think this is way too fast?

  2. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Wow. thats madness, HJ. I planned to come down this Friday evening:( Mann.. sold out not even half a day..
    Hope u will held more flea sales in future coz i love ur style :)

  3. Anonymous6:33 pm


  4. S.A.P2:50 am

    I thought i could came down asap after my work to say hi and get a few items! Guess i have to drop by early later!

  5. Anonymous9:21 pm

    this is random but i love how ur hair always looks put together n good! How do u style it? I have similar hair to urs- fine n straight n little (not voluminous or thick like others)

    pls share, thx

  6. mmm.. well.. i think it's because mine is rebonded.. so it kinda always looks the same- straight and flat.

    My hair looks shitty when I don't wash it for a couple days, or when I don't use any conditioner. (this is when I have dandruff problems.. which come and go).

    But as long as I wash it with a gentle shampoo plus conditoner and air dry, it ends up looking like the pic in this post.


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