adidas Those Who Dare Challenge

I want to update you on my second session of Spin Class, which is part of the adidas Those Who Dare Challenge.. where my challenge is to tone and get the sexy ass that I've always been dreaming of. This time, I was at True Fitness, Vivocity. This gym is fabulous if you like a good view from the top floor of Vivocity while working out. Most of the gym area has glass panes so you don't feel walled in by concrete.

And from now on, one of my best friends, Bianca is on board for this challenge too! Having a good friend to do this with gives me even more motivation.. plus it's always fun to share the experience!

For this session, I wore my new HOT PINK Adizero trainers! I love them!!! A LOT! Adidas always has stylish workout gear.. but this year's women's collection is exceptionally kick ass.

After the first session (read here), my leg muscles really punished me the next day.. but it was a good pain because it meant I was well on my way to reaching my target! After this second session, they still ached the next day! Kwa kwa kwa! Spin classes not only give my legs and butt a workout, but it also (amazingly) works the upperbody. I can really feel it in my triceps especially... I think it's because of the various positions we have to hold while cycling.

So what's a little temporary muscle ache? I'm still going all in. I am going to keep going on and perservere until I reach my target!!!

We only have one life to live. So remember to Dream bigger, to push harder and always go all in.

Before I go, I'll leave you with the adidas Those Who Dare campaign mantra: