The Girls Who Dare

Instead of always reading about me wanting to get rid of my fat arse all the time, adidas Singapore kitted me out in their gear and sent me to Spin Classes at True Fitness. Just basically dared me to get off my fat arse (literally!) and achieve my goal.

Their timing couldn't be more perfect.. in a few weeks, I will be going on a big trip that I've been looking forward to for a while (can't reveal more yet!) and I want to look my best. It would be awesome to be able to go having achieved my goal of a tight and toned sexy butt!!!

Watch this "All adidas" clip which celebrates “Those who dare” the women that dare to go beyond their limits, are bold enough to take risks and have fun while doing it. These women put passion in everything they do and go “all in” to achieve their goals.
Monday was my very first session of Zone Cycling (Spin) at True Fitness, Great World City.

The class is actually part of the adidas Fitness Academy (aFA). adidas, in collaboration with the True Group, is redefining group exercise and personal training classes that will motivate you to train like a true athlete. Each adidas Fitness Academy class is designed by adidas Global Fitness Coaches that are renowned experts in their own fields. aFA offers classes at True Fitness and True Yoga outlets.

More details on the adidas Fitness Academy can be found at

10.30am on a Monday morning! All geared up and ready for the challenge! Having stylish new outfits definitely are an incentive for me to go work out.

Spin classes are suitable for all levels as you can adjust the resistence accordingly.
Martin our trainer defintely kept the motivation up .... and the class was always upbeat.
My outfit was so comfortable... and I love mynew adidas shoes with hot pink laces as well.

Ultimately, my target is to tone up my thighs and bum. That's why Spin Class is perfect for me!

After the 1 hour session, I was on a high (some kind of adrenaline rush???). It was a great way to start the week. Working out with a trainer in a class really keeps the motivation going... if I were on my own ... I think I would struggle to keep pushing myself to pedal once I feel my muscles burn...

Here's a short snippet of my first session...

Session 2 (at Vivocity) coming right up! I will keep you updated!!!
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  1. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Your outfit looks cool HJ! The class looks like fun... I feel motivated to loose weight too now!

  2. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Can I sign up for the aFA classes on its own or must join the gym?


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