Sunday Lemmings

It's been a while since I showed you my lemmings. Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Lemmings!

I've never been a fan of CROCS because it annoyed me when people (especially men) wore the first generation big ass ones... they're ok for the beach or pool... but not for going shopping, or dining or dates! Remember my bad date who wore FAKE crocs (here)?

Crocs have some a long way since then, and I was invited to try a pair... maybe it might change my opinion of them.

I went to the Tampines Mall outlet ( other outlets at Marina Bay Sands, Marina SQ and Plaza Sing) . I was amazed to find that Crocs come in so many styles now. The kid's ones are cute! Some men's ones are ok too (but I still don't like the old bright beach crocs on men). But the Women's range.. oh my!

So many Pretty ones! And they're more streamlined and sleek in design.. not chunky Crocs anymore. I like the ones that look like ballet flats, they come in all colours. The MaryJanes are sweet too. I love their new Translucent range for women. So I chose... this pair... HELLO KITTY edition!

I love my kitty crocs! Nothing like the obiang old crocs from 7 or 8 years ago. And they're very comfy, I love the soles, makes me feel like I am walking on cushions.

Her Wondrous Label has loads of bling stuff in stock now (blinged up pens, and calculators even!) and more GWP bags(from Victoria's Secret, ViVi Mag, etc). I love my Cath Kidston gwp bag!!! Signature Cath Kidston florals, and logo.

It's a good size for my wallet, phone, and other bits. Nice baby blue polka dotted compartments inside too... :)

Would make a good toiletries bag, but I use it as a handbag.

Bellezabebe's Fall collection just launched, u can check it out here.

------------------------ ClubCouture has a new Premium range, and I got the Banded BodyCon dress from it. This is a proper bodycon, the elastic bandagey material is very sturdy and yet stretchy.... it's not like the cheapo lycra type bodycons.I love the colour too. By the way, yes, I have put weight on... AGAIN... my arse has trouble fitting into my usual tight shorts now.. But I am not worried, I am always yo-yoing from boney to fleshy... and I am sure once I start exercising, I will lose it in a few weeks. ( Just that I am lazyyyyyyyyyyyy)

They have just started to release pieces from their FALL collection... I love the mustard yellows so far!Mustard midi Full Skirt , Mustard Mini Skirt .


  1. Dear Holly,I also went shopping today. I saw some skirt which look alike your recommended one.Shame! I forgot to buy it. Anyway, I just love your bad date story with guy who wore fake Croc!^__^

  2. Dear Holly, I also went shopping. I saw a skirt which looks alike the one that you recommend. I just love your bad date story with guy who wore fake Croc! LOL ^_^

  3. The crocs i see on the streets are still ugly. Either that or i just don't recognize the new ones.

  4. @ Pam - u mean the full skirt? I love them! ANd they are in trend for autumn winter.

    @kuen - Yah i know which ones u mean. But if u look at their site, u will find they have plenty more designs now.. nice stuff. I think u have walked past many new generation Crocs without realising! :D

  5. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Hi holly haha just curious do you have any method of losing butt fat specifically?

  6. not really.. i tend to lose it pretty evenly all around.

    but walking lunges (meaning not stay in one spot but move around the gym in lunges).. holding heavy weights on each arm ( not flexed, just hang by your sides)... for a ridiculously torturous amount of time (ten minutes is A LOT!)... works wonders for tightening your bum... and making u walk funny the next day :)


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