Review: Bangkok Accommodation with Roomorama

Got back from Bangkok yesterday. It was my first time booking overseas accommodation via Roomorama, a short term rentals website.

The room my BF and I chose was the Deluxe Studio Apartment at the Aspen Suites (click to view it).

When you book with Roomorama, you pay Roomorama directly, and all you need to do when you're there is give reception the payment code. This way, you don't have to give the hotel your credit card information, or carry wads of cash to pay for your accommodation. Roomorama will handle all that securely.

The Aspen Suites is on Sukhumvit Soi 2. It's a quiet street, so you won't get traffic or party noises at bedtime. Yet, just 2 minutes walk to Soi 4, you'll get all the bars and restaurants and stalls peddling all sorts of goods. Sukhumvit is a great area to stay in Bangkok. It's a walkable distance to Pratunam (Platinum Mall!), a short taxi/tuk tuk ride away from Siam Paragon, Patpong, and even Chatuchak Market is less than a 100baht (Sgd4) taxi ride away.

The Aspen Suites is a service apartment, there are free internet facilities, a moderate size gym, a lap pool and a cafe (with daily buffet breakfast for guests).It even has a free tuktuk shuttle service (stationed right outside the hotel) to take guests to the main Sukhumvit street.

The staff all speak English, are very friendly and eager to help out in any way they can.

Our Deluxe Studio room met our expectations. There is ample wardrobe space for me and a vanity area for me to do my make up. And loads of mirrors :)

The bathroom is spacious, simple and very clean.
The bedroom had an average view (not like a sea view or anything... duh.. it's in central Bangkok!), but at least it was not obstructed by nearby buildings. All rooms have black out curtains, and are decorated in soft, neutral tones. My Bf absolutely loves the bed. It's a very comfortable King size bed. Oh, and the air conditioning is quiet all night (I can't stand noisy air conditioners!).

The fully-equipped kitchenette has all you need to make you feel at home. There is a washing machine, microwave, kettle, electric cooking hob, a big fridge... of course, the Aspen Suites has hotel facilities, so they do have a laundry service if you don't want to do your own!

The living room is large and has a comfy L shaped sofa facing a 32" flatscreen TV with DVD. (There's another TV in the bedroom too).

I am so impressed with the amount of space this accommodation has. It sure beats staying in a small hotel room. It's like a whole suite but doesn't cost a bomb.

The swimming pool is lovely by night, but we were always out at night... so I only used it in the mornings before breakfast.

Had the pool to myself! Yay! Love that the Aspen Suites is in a central part of Bangkok, yet it's not over crowded and choc a block like the rest of Bangkok... it's important to return to a comfortable and spacious environment after spending most of the day jostling through Chatuchak Market, Patpong, Platinum Mall, Siam Paragon and the likes.

Feel like having a holiday? Check out available accomodation at :)

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  1. Anonymous6:52 pm

    So envy you. Always holiday!

  2. Anonymous11:15 pm

    So we have to give our credit card info to an unknown website? This doesn't sound safe. What if the so called "code" doesn't work? Who is going to be responsible? I'd rather giving my credit card info to the Hotel.

  3. The "so called code" works.

    The payment code system protects against scammers and illegitimate guests.

    The payment code is also there to protect ur interest. Meaning if you turn up at the hotel, and the host (hotel) is not as what it said it was on the website. Meaning if it's not to ur expectation. You can reject them, and roomorama will not release payment to the host/hotel.

    Also, when booking off random websites or giving ur credit card details to hotels in countries which you might not be familiar with, there comes risks.

    Roomorama is a trusted, safe and secure site. It's not some rubbish cheaterbug company. I have used Roomorama, and I am satisfied with their service, otherwise I would never recommend them to my readers.

  4. Anonymous12:16 am

    so, how was the sex this time?? ;P

    it would've been a waste if you guys didn't get adventurous & fully 'utilize' the space.

  5. I've also used roomorama... twice for me! Both times in London, in May and July this year. Loved both the places I stayed at, and definitely cheaper and more space than hotels! I blogged both abt my stays too.. hehe.. click to chk it out if u like. :))

  6. andrea1:52 am

    hi holly,
    won't the hotel ask for a cc imprint in case we take something from the room?
    if they don't, then wow, i'd definitely be booking with roomorama!


  7. @anon12.16- no. not a waste. We're not going to rush into it.. despite the wonderful place.

    @daphne maia- will check it out :)

    @andrea- nope, I did not give my credit card for imprint... nor did I give them any cash for deposit when I checked in. All I gave them was the roomorama print out with the payment code.

    When i checked out, i paid in cash(baht) for my minibar stuff.

    u might want to couble check with roomorama if all their hosts have similar protocol as the one i experienced.

  8. just read your post and daphnemaia's. this sounds like a really interesting way to travel. i always think hotels are too expensive for the little space im given!


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