Luxury Holiday at Budget Price! I'm in Bangkok!

I'm in Bangkok, Thailand now. I've been here since Friday.

My Bf has never been to Bangkok, and the last time I was here was like at least 4 years ago! So when offered to sponsor accommodation .... I thought.. it's time for another holiday! It was a spur of the moment thing.

We booked budget flights. And I usually book hotel rooms online, but Roomorama actually handles short-term rental transactions quickly, easily and securely. Short term can be just one night or up to a few months even. And it's not just hotel rooms that they have, but also service apartments, houses and even tents (yes, tents! It's called GLAMPING.. short for glamorous camping)!I'll show you the accommodation we chose soon. It's like a hotel room... only much larger... it's like staying in a suite.. but it costs much less :)

Roomorama is definitely worth checking out. I've been browsing the various accommodation available and it's inspiring me to check out more of this world. Their accommodation gives you a unique travel experience. Currently, they have listings to 414 Destinations.Some are downright enchanting and quirky. Like this apartment in London with a gorgeous rooftop.

And they have a good price range too, so it's suitable for all budgets.

There are whole apartments and houses listed for rent. Especially if you're travelling with family, friends, colleagues... you can get much cheaper accommodation with Roomorama, than booking multiple hotel rooms.

Imagine living in a beautiful house by the beach in Sydney. Paradise!
It's great for longer holidays too, because you don't want to be stuck in a tiny hotel room for like 2 weeks! You want the comfort of a home, with the facilities of a hotel.... at an affordable price.

So far, booking with Roomorama has been so quick and easy.

And is is secure too. When you check in, after you ascertain that the room is indeed as promised on the website, all you have to do is give them the pin number that Roomorama has provided you. Billing is directly from

Thanks guys!! Thumbs up! I'm very pleased! I'll definitely use you again for my longer holidays coming up.

P/s- I'll update you after we get back next week and show you pics of the accommodation and share pics of the holiday too. Also leave a quick comment to let me know- where to go to eat and drink while I'm here? TIA.


p/s- I'll pick the winner from the Crizal Giveaway when I get back on Monday night. Do put ur entry in if you haven't yet! :)


  1. omg looks really good!!!!! how i wish i could go on a holiday, but i never ever get to find a partner. sighhh

  2. Josephine3:51 am

    You could always head over to Central BangNa for food, albeit pricey. The mall beside it would be best if you like something a lil cheaper. Little food shops outside most supermarkets are not too bad too. But definitely, the most delis and authentic food would be night/street markets (there's a good one close to Sukhumvit). It's so cheap and satisfying!

  3. Glad more people like yourself have found the wonders of Roomorama. It's a great service that they provide and every now and then when I check back, they always seem to have more listings. Really cool that I can pay 50euros for a night, something a hotel cannot offer PLUS I get so much more space too.

    I've used them twice, once in Paris and once in Bali - the Bali trip was so amazing because the villa I rented from them was sooo big and luxurious, made me feel like a princess and I'm in love with Bali now!

    You're lucky they sponsored you!

  4. Anonymous10:27 pm

    looks awesome! I've had friends try Roomorama and loved it.


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