ONLYaesthetics QPX hair removal Review (Underarms, legs & Brazilian)


I've noticed quite a few raves about the award winning ONLYaesthetics™ group recently. They offer a whole range of face and body aesthetic treatments.

(This pic taken from ONLYaesthetics FB site)

Today, I'm reviewing their QPX painless permanent hair removal treatment. I had it done by aesthetician Annie Tan at their main branch in Holland Village (25A Lorong Mambong).
How is this new QPX thingy different from the old IPL technology?
The patented QPX technology, which is upgraded from IPL, supports more effective and safer skin treatments. Reason being that their mode of light pulse is very different. IPL has sharp pulse and high energy which might burn skin!!

IPLs typically work better on people with more contrasting skin and hair colours... and does not work well on tanned skin. However, QPX's unique method of delivering micro-pulses of light has been clinically proven to work on darker skin types too.

QPX is from the UK and is FDA approved. So not only does it give great results, it is also very safe.


I did the QPX in 3 places- underarms, legs and brazillian. When you step into the treatment room, you're given a robe to change in to... and then you put on some funky big black shades (to protect eyes).Next, they shave the areas which are going to be treated. Please do not tweeze or wax before you turn up for the QPX treatment. It needs the hair folicle to be there in order to work!
Pretty soon.. I'll never have to shave my legs ever again! :) [QPX typically needs a few sessions before all the hair is permanently removed. The number of session varies depending on how hairy you are. It is more effective than IPL]. After shaving, a cool blue gel is applied onto the skin. This is to protect the skin. It feels nice and cool.
The the awesome QPX machine is cranked up to to level suitable for your skin.. and the aesthetician shoots the pulses onto your skin, in a systematic manner. I felt a slight prickling/tingling sensation... but definitely no pain at all. The underarm area is very very easy to do... if you're only doing your underarms, you can be done in minutes...

The legs take much longer obviously because there's a much bigger area to cover ... I don't know exactly how long it took because I wasn't keeping track of the time... felt like 30 mins. Again.. painless except for the tingling sensation.

The brazillian QPX... I expected to be painful... because she got an ice pack out. (!!!) The ice is supposed to numb the area. But quite frankly, when the QPX pulse was applied onto my skin, I didn't feel it. In fact, the ice pack hurt more than anything that day!

So if you can 'tahan' (withstand) the coldness of ice on your nether regions for 10 seconds, the QPX itself is a relief. Plus, if you've done a Brazillian wax before and rate it a 5 out of 10 on the pain treshold... then this QPX brazillian is a 0.1 out of 10.

Book before 24th July 2011 and get Unlimited sessions for:
Underarms/ Upper lips : $140.80
Half legs/Half arms $968
Bikini line: $316.80
Brazilian: $ 646.80
Full Brazilian: $756.80.

Treatments will be carried out once every 2 mths for the 1st year. Followed by maintainence for up to 1 yr.

This is a real hot deal... because the usual prices are Underarms: 150 per treatment, Brazilian : 250 per treatment, Half legs: 450 per treatment, Half arms: 350 per treatment, Upper lips: 80 per treatment, Bikini line: 150 per treatment !

You can call 6314 4434 for more enquiries. :)


  1. nope not painful at at all

  2. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Are guys eligible for the brazilian treatment over there?

  3. I wonder how come their service became worse over time... arrogance maybe. :/







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