When you propose to her, Whisper it!

Back when I first started this blog, and wasn't blogging full time... one of the infrequent blog posts at the time was - on Marriage proposal ideas... the best and the worst (read here).
Last week I was watching Arthur at the cinema. It wasn't particularly side splitting.... but was moderately entertaining.

However, in one of the scenes, they were in Grand Central Station in New York. And there's a Whispering Gallery...
Based on the architecture, if you stand at one wall and whisper in to it.. your whisper will be transported to the wall diagonally across from you.

And I think that would such a novel way to propose!!!

:) So yeah, you can use that idea if you live in NY, or are planning to go there. :) Any other unique proposal ideas, share here ok :)

BTW, due to logistics or some unforeseen circumstances, my NY trip may be cancelled. I think it's hard to coordinate cos there are other bloggers from other countries who are all involved in the same trip. Quite shitty cos I really wanted to go NY, and not somewhere else.

Well... as of now.. everything still pending.. will let you know when I know more! *fingers crossed*

Now, I want to watch Thor!!


  1. Hope you are still going there. Wanna see your trip photos.

  2. You will so enjoy Thor. Too much special fx but easy to watch. It has a romantic plotline hehe. Anyway, hope you get to go to NY so you can share awesome pix with us.

  3. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Pop the question when she least expects it. Like I saw this proposal video where the guy pranked his GF.

    Dropped green slime on her head when she opened the boobytrap door. Then she was so angry... he suddenly went down on one knee and proposed with a ring.

    Haha.. she was stunned a few minutes.

  4. @kuen and silver... yes. I hope so too!

    @anon- I SAW that video! I was kinda jealous of her. lol. Esp the last part when she started dancing around and then faced the camera.. and said " I'm engaged! In your face! All you single bitches!"

    bitch. haha


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