Google Scholarships, Vitamin Water and Happiness

Announcement for all under 18 in Singapore (and parents): Google Science Fair is now open! Ages 13-18 can compete for internships and scholarships.

Met ppl from Coca-Cola yesterday. Hopefully I can bring you some Coca-Cola happiness some time this year.

I got a bagful of Vitamin water in all flavours to try. Did you know that Vitamin Water is owned by Coca-Cola? (I didn't!).

I've been invited to the Singapore Sprint tonight (it's a race at the Singapore turf club). Think it'll be fun! Show you pics (plus my outfit!) tomorrow!


  1. Vitamin water is the worst farce of a health drink in recent history. I do not understand why Singapore does not have a case on it. USA and UK already have one.,8599,2007106,00.html

  2. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Like Gatorade, Powerade and countless others Vitaminwater provides electrolytes and other nutrients and stimulants (my favorite flavor of Vitaminwater includes caffeine).

    Sugar = energy. It is not, on its face, a bad thing. Some might argue that High Fructose Corn Syrup is, on its face a bad thing (though science on that is still out for review) and you'll notice Vitaminwater contains more natural sugars.

    As somebody who has run a marathon I'll note that if you were to hand me a drink WITHOUT sugar at the end of a run, I'd be pissed.

  3. Anonymous1:17 am

    yes! i want!!

  4. Anonymous2:55 pm

    I prefer just water with electrolytes without sugar since I exercise to lose some calories, not to add. They have smartwater, which has electrolytes but no sugar.


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