Google Scholarships, Vitamin Water and Happiness

Announcement for all under 18 in Singapore (and parents): Google Science Fair is now open! Ages 13-18 can compete for internships and scholarships.

Met ppl from Coca-Cola yesterday. Hopefully I can bring you some Coca-Cola happiness some time this year.

I got a bagful of Vitamin water in all flavours to try. Did you know that Vitamin Water is owned by Coca-Cola? (I didn't!).

I've been invited to the Singapore Sprint tonight (it's a race at the Singapore turf club). Think it'll be fun! Show you pics (plus my outfit!) tomorrow!


yw said…
Vitamin water is the worst farce of a health drink in recent history. I do not understand why Singapore does not have a case on it. USA and UK already have one.,8599,2007106,00.html
Anonymous said…
Like Gatorade, Powerade and countless others Vitaminwater provides electrolytes and other nutrients and stimulants (my favorite flavor of Vitaminwater includes caffeine).

Sugar = energy. It is not, on its face, a bad thing. Some might argue that High Fructose Corn Syrup is, on its face a bad thing (though science on that is still out for review) and you'll notice Vitaminwater contains more natural sugars.

As somebody who has run a marathon I'll note that if you were to hand me a drink WITHOUT sugar at the end of a run, I'd be pissed.
Anonymous said…
yes! i want!!
Anonymous said…
I prefer just water with electrolytes without sugar since I exercise to lose some calories, not to add. They have smartwater, which has electrolytes but no sugar.