The Green Hornet Gala Premiere Last Night

Was at the Cathay last night. The Green Hornet Gala Premiere was held there.
First stop was Duck Duck Duck at Cathay (the Chinese resto, not the cinema... ) Why is everything called the Cathay there?! My dress for the occasion is the Ebony Sheath Dress from VanillaLollies. My oversized red clutch is from ClubCouture.
I love the structure and fit of this dress (am wearing their size S). And the back is a full zipper. It also comes in Gray. :)
I am so pleased... I didn't eat greedily. You know how I get when I eat peking duck rolls!!!
It's an okay restaurant... but their peking duck is so so. It's much better at Humble House.
We skipped the Green Carpet (yeah... they put out a green carpet instead of the usual red one) because we were busy eating. Plus, we kind of heard through the grapevine that Seth Rogen wasn't turning up after all.

But he did! Seth Rogen, Jay Chou and the director Michel Gondry were at this premiere. There was a bit of Q&A with them in the cinema, before the movie started. Seth is hilarious.... such an awesome, smooth, funny guy.
To be honest, I've never thought much of Jay Chou. But after watching the movie... man, to me, he's the real star of The Green Hornet. All the other characters were like, not pushed to their full potentials. Like Cameron Diaz, I thought played a role well beneath her, and was even boring to me. Seth, yes, was funny in the film, but also, nothing out of his ordinary.
But Jay.... was like the coolest man in the whole film. Better than Bruce Lee (whom I've never been a fan of....). I'm not saying his martial arts is better than Bruce Lee's, but the whole portrayal of Kato. Very impressive (and he's like a musician in real life, not an actor right?).
If I were a kid watching this, I'd aspire to be Kato the sidekick, and wouldn't be really arsed about the Green Hornet himself.
Ok, I won't spoil it for you... go catch the movie (in 3D!) when it opens in cinemas here this Thursday.


  1. Sarah4:41 pm

    At one look I felt that the zipper is kinda small for you. And I was right. You don't FIT into a size S Holly!

  2. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Some people are just jerks being nasty to nice people. I think a lot of it stems from their personal insecurities and self loathing; they see happy, friendly people as a threat to them because they think the nice people are judging them just as much as they judge themselves.

  3. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Nice dress..did u go watch the premier with one of your gfs? I guess this is the time u need them most.. For comfort and support...

  4. hey ya,

    my girlfriends are either busy taking care of babies, being pregnant, and mending ther marriages... !!!

    I really dont expect anything from them.. comapared to a lot of ppl out there, my life is easy and problems are small. Just seeing things in perspective.

    But dont worry, I am doin okay.

    Was invited to this premiere by a guy friend.

  5. You look fab, Holly! Ignore the naysayers. And I was there too. I was in awe that I got to meet Michel Gondry, but was pretty much overwhelmed by Jay Chou fan girls. Argh.

    That said, like you, I was actually pretty surprised Jay Chou was pretty good in the movie. : )

  6. Can I just say something: Sarah, you're a bitch!
    Every single comment from you is poisonous. There is a difference between constructive criticism and...what this 'Sarah' is doing.
    If there's one thing I've learnt to do, is ignore comments that are obviously meant to hurt, not help.
    You look fine lah, HJ.
    Another thing: do you find that Jay Chou looks like that guy from 'Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle'?

  7. Sherry Chia6:04 pm

    Yeah ignore them! Your dress looks great!(: And haha i love you're "not-a-fan" attitude.

    You're totally right! I'd def die to be more of Kato's sidekick! Hahah. I dont really know much of The Green Hornet too. im just biased cos its Jay Chou (which i love!)!

    Call me a nerd or kiasu, but I've joined any and every contest that can win me Jay Chou's merchandise and so far I've won quite a comfortable number of things (yay!)! But i cant find much about any Green Hornet's contest except for F&N's

    anyone know of anymore? Thank you! heh.

    And keep rocking babe! You always look fab ;)


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