Why Are Women Such Pigs?

Remember chubby Kelly Osbourne?

She's 5 feet 2 inches , very short, only 157cm (I am 5ft 5 inches and I consider myself short!). But the remarkable thing is that she has shrunk from a size 14 to a size 2 (from 160 pounds to 118 pounds)! She shed a dramatic 42 pounds! I mean that's like half an asian woman's total body weight!

She's attributed it to a healthy ifestyle (and rigorous training- Dancing with the stars) as well as a switch to a Low Carb Diet (SEE!!! I wasn't bullshitting you all when I said having low carbs is probably how I stay slim-ish).

I don't know if all her "secrets" to weight loss are true.. or whether or not, (even more) secretly, some medical intervention was involved?? Like a rubberband surgery to make stomach smaller or lipo???

I think I believe her though.. that she cut carbs and exercised A LOT, and this gave her the much smaller and leaner figure she has now.

Well, anyway, the purpose of today's post is not about weight loss... but why women can be such pigs.

When Kelly was fat, women were kind and friendly towards her. And now that she's slim, suddenly, the claws come out...

I quote Kelly-

"Girls in Hollywood don’t like you because you become competition. They have started to get much more nasty. You think, ‘Usually you say hi and now you don’t.' ”

And she IS competition. She’s getting clothes sent to her by designers to wear, she’s on the front row of all the fashion shows, and she's on the magazines. Before, she was just a druggie fat girl who sings and is from a crazy family.

AND... instead of being encouraging and inspired, women are saying nasty things about her-

"too bad she still has the worst jawline ever."

"Her thick arms and legs will always be thick and I’m sorry but it’s just no contest."

"She’s a butterface and her arms and legs look weird."

Women don't mind being charitable and kind to you when they actually consider you unattractive (or less attractive than them). Just look in facebook... you can always see some fuck ugly girl's pic and then some other women will comment- "Great pic ", "u look so pretty there babe", "nice dress", etc..

You don't see men doing this. I think they're just in general, a more truthful and straightforward species.

(I'm not encouraging you to like slag the ugly girl off... you should never do that. But it gets pretty obvious when you only say nice things about "ugly" girls, and then suddenly have a different radar or guage when you see a pretty girl.)
I know a girl who bitches about her Bf's friend who is pretty, but the ugly ones, she is full of praise for. (Characterwise, it's not as if the pretty one was not a nice person, btw). It's just quite apparent, because I am an outsider, so I see her bias clearly.
And then when women feel jealous/threatened by another woman... they zero in on any minute flaws they can find (sometimes imagined) and blow it up.. in a vicious attempt to bring her down.

I'm immune to such criticisms. Not saying that I am so pretty that women want to bring me down. But I do get awful things said to me.

Someone once asked me- You live such a public life, don't you get a lot of hate and criticism?

And I thought about it for one second, and replied, "I do. But not from anyone that matters."

I am only human, I do get jealous, envious, and I get bouts of insecurity where I do feel threatened by another woman's beauty or capabilities. But if you're the kind that will slag off another woman because you find her better than you... then shame on you!


  1. I love carbs. =( what do you eat usually? I agree with you. It's hard to be friends with girls sometimes.

  2. Anonymous1:24 pm

    almost everyone has slagged off someone they think is better than themselves. don't pretend you haven't.

  3. @Sharon- Just now.. i had kway chap :S.. but i didn't eat the noodley bit, i only ate the meat parts and egg and beancurd.

    usually, it's hard to say.. i crave different things from time to time. but def meat based meals.

    @anon- like i said, i may be threatened by someone else's beauty or it may make me feel shitty abt myself.

    But I def don't think in my head- shit she's good looking, and then open my mouth and say ,"fat bitch with slitty eyes" or anything like that.

  4. You certainly don't bother about being politically correct...I like that! But some of the nicest women I know and have met haven't necessarily been skinny. Never thought of them as 'fat' or 'ugly'. But I guess I understand the point you make. We live in a world where attention spans are getting shorter and first impressions matter. Do we (men) feel threatened in the same way too? Something to ponder...

  5. I totally get what u mean but i think im the opposite. when i see a pretty girl being vain or preening... i'll think... shit she's so pretty... wish i had her stuff. but when i see an ugly girl doing the same, i'll be very annoyed and think... ugly bitch stop acting vain/cute! ur not pretty!

    but anw this is bad as well.. i think we shud all be less judgemental over something as superficial as looks.

  6. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Haha I agree with J! Anyway Holly, what happened to your post that showed the photoshoot pictures back in Hungary? 'cause I commented for it. Aww just wanna know how you get the energy from not eating carbs? Cos I'll feel lethargic if I don't eat carbs. Appreciate your advice, It'll help alot. I wanna slim down too! Thanks!:)

  7. I never slag them off...i just get momentary girl crushes on them & can't stop staring...lolz

    The folks that i slag off r usually mean biatches...& their flaws would usually have been overlooked by moi if they had just been that wee bit nicer :)

  8. Anonymous7:32 pm

    But...but low carbs give bad breath...and methinks most guys would love to kiss you, so how? :P

  9. Anonymous9:22 pm

    i think you should watch the meat and foie gras intake. Animal fat is high in cholesterol and will clog your arteries even though they don't make you fat like carbs do. Fat, skinny, short or tall - the most important thing should be fitness and health. A diet high in meat and low in greens could spell trouble later.

  10. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Your post is so darn true! I had a friend who is on the heavier side and some of her female friends are so vicious. They post comments like `you look great!`, `your makeup is stunning` when she did this lion-like perm which made her face much fatter and the makeup made her looked older. They were trying to make her look ugly by encouraging her to look ugly. While I, being a honest person, told her the opposite and she got pissed with me and think I am just jealous! OH MY GOD! I mean wth!
    I know she will look gorgeous if she loses weight so when she overeats, I will try to stop her but those idiots always ask her to eat more or pass her more tidbits.
    I myself would like to lose weight but i dont sabotage other people`s efforts to lose weight. A lot of women are so scared that other gers would become prettier than them that they do such things... Women are scary!

  11. i like your write up. its totally so true of those bitches! i have zero idea why would they wanna put others down, just bcus she looks pretty. just shows how much insecurities they have. then agn, whats most impt is still like what uve mentioned, those ppl who critise are not the ones that matter!
    thumbs up for the aricle! :D

  12. @Shantanu- HEYYYY!!!! It's been a while! ;0)

    i think with Men... it's about the Ego. For instance, if a man is driving, and a nice flash car drives past... it's likely he will try to out run the flash car??? I think men do stuff like that when they feel treatened by another man's "attractiveness".


    @J- haha "ugly bitches stop cating cute"... lol... yes, I do see your point :)

    @Anonymous 6.26 - Oh I did reply to your comment.. but I had to take that post with my photoshoot pics down because I have not gotten clearance to make them public yet :)

    Here is my previous reply to your qn about Lacking Energy when you dont eat carbs-

    "regarding carbs and energy- I dont really face any problems there. Perhaps my body is used to it, since it never had a high carb diet (even as a kid). But I do get like light headed by mid-day ..if I don't eat anything at all (like if too busy and i rushed out of the house....). Then I need sugar... like some sweet juice or something, will make me feel better instantly. Don't cut all the carbs out for now... Halve it.

  13. @Jen- good on you babe :)

    @peranakandude- yeah it can give bad breath I suppose. But keep hydrated... i think tht helps a lot. Plus basic oral hygiene!!! :D

    @anonymous 9.22 - yes, thanks for the heads up! That is indeed true. plenty of skinny ppl have high bad cholesterol levels.

    I have checked... abt a year ago... mine is good :) Also did the check on viseral fat.. (or something tht sounds like that), and on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the minimum amt of fat covering the organs, mine was 1.

    Which actually isn't great.. cos you need fat to protect organs actually (i think the nurse told me something like that). Of course Not too much fat! moderation :D

    Am trying to eat more greens.. but it's hard cos i hate the taste!!! :(


    @anon10.42 - OMG! Thanks for sharing that. At least I know I am not alone with this observation!!!

    @Jac L. - thank you :)


  14. Anonymous9:59 am

    Hi, i know this is unrelated but is it true that paraben ingredients in cosmetics will cause cancer, and some of the ettusais product have this ingredient in it. Its a little worrying. Just asking.

  15. Hi Anon 9.59 -

    Actually most of the high end cosmetic brands have paraben. It is a preservative most commonly used in cosmetics, foods, and drugs. Preservatives and anti-bacterial agents are vital for cosmetics.

    Studies have not shown any links between parabens and health problems (including cancer).

    "Paraben Free" is a marketing gimmick. Be careful. Read up on fear marketing in beauty products, or “free of” marketing.

    “Paraben-free” claims inaccurately lead consumers to believe that parabens are “bad.” Same with all of the other “free of” claims we see today.

  16. i get a lot of flake but then i think its easy to criticise me. short, fat etc. but heck it! i have friends who love me the way i am. :)

    but yeah, it still hurts though.

  17. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Your post is so true! I have really pretty female friends who will suddenly ask me random questions like, "So do you think blah blah blah is pretty?" And the person in question is usually a mutual friend who is good-looking as well. When they ask these questions internally I'm like O__O

    I'm a girl but I don't get it! We should stop comparing, it's pretty pointless. -__-

  18. Couldn't agree more!


  19. Anonymous9:31 am

    many women today are filthy, no good pigs. they like to cheat more than men do. in fact, they seem to need as many men at one time to please their ass. they cannot just be happy with one man. just think, god forbid. that is the reason why, men like us cannot meet decent women now. hey wait, did i say decent women? where the hell are they today?

  20. Anonymous2:57 am

    well most women love to cheat nowadays, that would explain it.


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