Touch your face now, is your T-zone oily? I bet it is.

I have dry skin, and yet my T-zone gets shiny towards the end of the day.

But... No more shiny T-zone, No more visible pores with this NEW FOUNDATIONNNNNNNNNN!!!!

It's the ettusais Duo and in a pretty pink limited edition case!!
(SGD $48/Refill & SGD$20/case)
(For a limited period: SGD$56 for both the refill & limited edition case)

ettusais Duo is a combination foundation. The lighter part is the shine prevention powder and the darker part is the pore covering powder. It comes in 5 shades. I'm using 30Beige.

Here it is in my make up bag which I took to Hungary with me. It has everything I want in a foundation. It eliminates shine from excess sebum, conceals pores and blemishes, it evens out my skin tone and protects my skin with SPF16PA++
I had a photoshoot in Budapest, and as usual... I was running late. I turned the room into a big mess rushing to get ready! My BF had a nap while waiting for me. LoL.
Thank goodness it only took minutes to put my face on! :)

Here's how I did it:
Step 1: Base Version Up UV (SGD$41)
This is my skincare and a make up base rolled into one. I apply a thin layer over my skin, spreading lightly with my fingers. It covers freckles and blemishes well. It's ok to use it on the eye area too.

(p/s- On some days, I skip foundation altogether. Even on its own, it gives my skin a healthy glow because it contains Flash Powder. )

Step 2: I use the shine prevention powder (lighter part) of the Duo foundation on my T-zone. Only a very thin layer is enough, it will work its magic, there's no need to cake it on. I tend to have greasy eyelids usually, so I pat a little of this onto my eyelids. ( Doubles up as a great base for my eyeshadows!!)
Basically you can use this on anywhere which tends to get oily, not just your T-zone. It has no colour or pigment.

Step 3: I use the pore covering powder (darker part of the Duo cake) on my entire face. I start applying on my T-zone and cheek area and gently spread it out towards the forehead and jawline.

With conventional powders, pores are visible because it just plugs up pores but you will still be able to see that your skin is uneven. The pore covering powder hides visible pores because it has a light scatering effect. This means that no shadow will be casted within the pore, and hence this gives the appearance of smoother and softer skin.

It took us more than an hour to get to the capital (where the photo studio is).

When I got to the dressing room and unpacked my stuff (messy as usual), I was delighted to find that my foundation was still matt and the coverage was still so flawless!
A hint of blusher and gloss on my lips, and I was ready for the shoot.

We even had some shots done outdoors under natural light outdoors...

I love how this foundation can keep my skin looking smooth for hours and hours. It's lightweight, yet gives enough coverage for a photoshoot! The colour pigments of this foundation doesn't change, it prevents shine, minimizes pores and keeps skin looking smooth.

(Photoshoot credits: Ervin Sperla, )

Make up looks flawless for hours, no problem!


  1. The case is very pretty! love the pics babe!

  2. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Don't like the indoor pics. =( Lighting makes you look pale and sickly and old.

    Outdoor pics are a million times better.

  3. someone with at least half a brain6:21 pm

    Anonymous, you do realise that the indoor photos were tinted on purpose to give a vintage look, right?

    It has nothing to do with the indoor/outdoor lights.

  4. S.A.P7:02 pm

    I've bought the ettusais Duo few days ago..

    Beautiful case and great foundation! Love the pink!

  5. i have the old thinking of getting either this new one or the sparkling pact? i am more inclined to get the latter for its slimming effect...which is better?

  6. Anonymous3:21 am

    ok fine. tinted. but still doesn't make HJ look good. Doesn't mean vintage means it's all uniquely perfect.
    I've no inkling about photography. All I can comment on is what I see. If it doesn't look good, it doesn't look good, vintage or not. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for me, those photos just don't work for HJ.

  7. Anonymous3:25 am

    Wrt the above comment, I'm talking about the shots where HJ wears the grey singlet, not the checkered shirt ones. Checkered shirt ones are fantastic. I like those.

  8. i want lashes!10:01 am

    hj, did u use falsies or eyelash extention?? Extentions look sooo pretty, i wanna do it but read too many horror stories on how damaging it is to one's natural lashes (ive too many flaws, cant afford another one!!!!)

    Falsies however takes too much time n is very inconvenient. Not to mention yours truly have no clue how to go about doing it. :(

  9. @nadnut - Yeah.. pretty pink with lace like details!

    @anonymous5.31 .. then u will like the final pics on

    @someone with half a brain - yep those pics are tinted... i am not really beigy yellow coloured :D u are right

    @S.A.P - YAY!! btw, just curious.. what does SAP stand for??

    @Vick - hmm.. the sparkling pact definitely has a more brighter look on the face.

    I find the coverage from the DUO foundation is better.

    my advice - if you want something to cover blemishes and stay matt, then get the DUO. If you prefer something light and vibrant looking, get the sparkling pact. ( if u want extra coverage with sparkling pact, use the base version up UV base under it)

    @I want lashes... erm.. i wld advice against long term lash extensions. ( i had mine for like 1 year plus.. month after month... and my lashes are STILL not as long as they were before the extensions!).

    I use stick ons now... i must say,, pain in the ass at first (first maybe 10 times of using). but when u get used to it, it's easy peasy... I co mine in under a minute now... n am very confident tht they wont peel off... ( at first, they wld start peeling off.. lol!). now no prob, I am very pro. lol.

  10. i want lashes2:24 am

    omg.. Pls do a video on that hj! Under a minute has gotta be some sorta record time man! Sometimes i wonder whether im even born a gal! Im useless with stuff like this lol..

  11. Anonymous8:12 am

    love the pictures!! who was the artisitc director/photographer? applauds to them, they/you did a great job. Some of your best shots!!

  12. Alicia12:27 am

    Did you arrange for the shoot before you leave for Hungary? Is the photographer a friend or a photographer from Budapest whom you paid for?

  13. @anon2.34-
    Under a minute is the fastest I can go, cos the glue takes abt 30 seconds to dry and get tacky..

    Last time, everytime i do videos readers bitch abt the way I speak. Now everytime I do videos, they complain it's shitty quality. I will do it if I get a good vid cam, otherwise.. if i use my built in web cam, quality shitty again. :(

    @8.12- I credited him in this post actually. Ervin Sperla (

    @anon12.27- no la... i didn't pay for the shoot. But he does photograph people commercially.

    Photographer is GB's friend whom we had coffee with the second day we were in Hungary. Then we arranged a shoot a few days after. :)

  14. Hi HJ,I love those outdoor shots. Look great! ;)

  15. S.A.P1:17 am

    SAP = Socky aka pearlin =)

    too long..
    so just sap..

    I'm not very good with words so i seldom comment on yr posts..

    Nevertheless, i love reading your blog.. entertaining and fun.. have been reading for the past 3 years i guess, everyday .. keep up the good work =)

  16. @ S.A.P - yes. I remember you. Just didn't realise u had switched to S.A.P. haha :)


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