Duckie To The Rescue!... (again)

(I'm in HK ... no worries.. my blog will run as usual, I have a few scheduled posts to entertain you the rest of this week. Will also see if I can buy stuff to give away to my readers when I get back on Sunday. Meanwhile, here's a post ... happy reading.)
Medicated Acne Pre-Acne Care Sheet ($49 for 50 sheets/ $37 for 50 sheet refill pack) and Medicated Acne Clear Spots Superior ($39)

Duckie Says: If you have pimples, do not fret. Just dab some Medicated Acne Clear Spots Superior onto the pimple and massage it in. You can even use it during the day on top of your make up.. no problem!
It gets rid of clogged pores and stops acne bacteria. It prevents blemishes and scarring as well! Yet it is so gentle, there's no peeling or rough skin.

The Medicated Acne Pre-Acne Care Sheet is to prevent pimples from forming. Especially during PMS time! When you feel a pimple about to form, put a sheet on the area! It will calm the area down and prevent the pimple from getting inflamed.

Use the tweezers (provided) to take individual pre-soaked sheets out and apply them onto areas where you usually get pimples... like the cheek area... or forehead.. or chin!

You can use this about 2 weeks before your period as your last step in your skin care regime. All it takes is ten minutes before bedtime...
HJ Says: Sometimes, no matter how meticulous I am in my cleansing and skin care routine, stress, change in diet, lack of sleep and late nights out can trigger a break out.

I love the pre-acne care sheets because they prevent the pimples from forming. They're easy to apply because there are 3 cuts on each sheet so they will fit the contours of your face easily, even if you're applying it to your nose! It feels cool and calming, no stinging at all so it's great for my sensitive skin.

But when I do miss out on an area, or have an unexpected pimple, it's still no big deal, I just use my Clear Spots Superior and go about my day as usual, confident that it's just a small pimple, it will disappear soon and not leave any trace behind. :)
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  1. I think this is the first time i'm seeing you with a pimple over the 1 year *hugz*

  2. Is this something usable for guys too?

  3. @G - yes, guys too.

    @Kuen.. erm.. i kinda drew tht pimple on.. for illustrative purposes!! I thought it was obvious and funny!

  4. @G - yes, guys too.

    @Kuen.. erm.. i kinda drew tht pimple on.. for illustrative purposes!! I thought it was obvious and funny!

  5. I didn't get a clear look!!! I retract my hugz!

  6. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Hey Holly!
    Love the color contacts! May I know the brand and color?? thanks! =D

  7. I almost always use Gray contacts.

    as for the brand.. :( sorry, not sure. I didnt keep the packaging.

    usually like Geo angel eyes or something like tht. Always use geo imported lenses.. i never use the standard acuvue/ Bausch&lomb/ biomedice/ etc brands.

  8. HJ not sure if you can help me here... I've been wanting to wear colored lenses for ages but alas, their size is not suitable for my iris... the lenses ended up roaming around my eyes and especially when they're colored, they looked really freaky! lol

    Is there any chance if you know of colored lenses brand with with non-standard size? TIA


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