iROO Flagship Store at Marina Bay Sands

And I'm one of their models! :D *excited*

iROO is a leading Taiwanese high-street brand.
iROO currently has 70 stores in Taiwan and their first overseas flagship store is at Marina Bay Sands (#B2-101)

It is HUGE! Love the spacious layout. The label will debut in Singapore with three collections – City, Casual and Party
The best thing about iROO is that it's very exclusive... their stock changes every week. YES, you heard me right... not every season but every WEEK! So you will hardly run the risk of seeing someone else in your pieces from the store!
Went for a fitting at their store last week.. (which was also my first time at Marina Bay Sands).

I will be modelling the party collection.. so a lot of bling and sequin outfits...

And btw.. I am in love with full length gowns now... OMGGGGG... it is an instant dose of glamour.

Agri, Crystal, Val & myself did the walking ads for iROO in Orchard on Saturday.

Looved my make up ( Thank you Chloe!).

And also loved my hair (Muaks Bianca!)

Break time, and change of outfits. All my outfits are from the Party collection. But I really looved some of the pieces of the Casual collection (!!!)- comfy denims and such cute funky tops.
CHECK iROO Out at Marina Bay Sands!


  1. Holly,

    Great outfits!

    You look awesome in that long black gown, so beautiful!


  2. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Why is your fringe so uneven

  3. Anonymous9:06 am

    I have to agree with Anon 11:11pm. It looks like you cut it yourself.

  4. yup.. it was annoying and poking me in the eye..

    so i took a small scissors and snipped it.

    But i have no problems with it being choppy. and neither did my clients.

    maybe when it's a bit longer and I have more time.., I will get the stylist to cut it.

  5. Anonymous12:00 pm

    You're really honest and direct. If someone said that to me, i'll prob blush.

  6. huh why blush? :) it's only hair.. it'll grow! :D

  7. Hey babe what bra or boob support did you use with the long gown?

  8. am small enough not to require support.. :( kwa kwa kwa

    but it's empire cut under bust, and elastic under the bust.

    and the material is crinkly, so tht adds mass, and doesn't show nipples.

    i really love tht gown. price was $240...


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