Aye...How To Vote???

There are many prizes in store for voters... but these are the two worth winning, in my opinion... especially the 2 nights in Koh Samui!

But some of you are having trouble figuring out how to vote for the Singapore Blog Awards.
Yes, the omy page is difficult to navigate (and the Chinese words can make the whole page more confusing looking), and there are quite a few steps....

So if you're having problems, let me walk you through it:

Step 1: If you've never done this before, then you will need to register ( Step 1 only needs to be done ONCE, not every day).

Clicking on "Not an OMY Member?" will bring you to the registration page. Key in accurate details, in case you end up being a winning voter!
Step 2: Once you have registered, you can simply LOG IN every day to cast your vote. (Only One vote per user per day is allowed)

Step 3: Click on "Categories & Nominees"
Step 4: Then Click on Best Lifestyle Blog category
Step 5: You will see my thumbnail on the left side of the page. To vote for me, you need to click on the PINK LITTLE STRIP that has the word VOTE in it. (If you click on my face, you will just go to my blog page, and not vote)

A small yellow window will pop up, asking for confirmation if you want to vote for Holly jean. Just click Yes lah.

And you're done!

Vote for me everyday please!!! :D
Thank you for your time and support.

P/s- For those who asked abt when my interview video clip will be up on the OMY page, it won't... I didn't go for the shoot because that was the same week ( last week) where I had all my docs appts and I had to get the ultrasound done. :(