If I Can't Make Myself Thinner, I'll Make Others Fatter

At first I thought I had gotten too thin... but now that I've gotten used to my new weight, I feel exactly the same as when I was 48kgs!

I doubt I can go any less than 46kgs and still be healthy (I'm 165cm)... so... if I can't make myself thinner... I'll make others fatter! I'll do more food posts!
There's this little bistro on north bridge road ( directly opposite the National Library) called Food For Thought. What's great about this place, apart from the good food and yummy desserts is that part of the proceeds go towards charity.
I had smoked duck salad ( you must have this!).. and a pulled pork sandwich with cuban ham... yummmm.
They also had super sweet desserts... but I didn't have any of it *pat on back*. I did have a rootbeer float though.
Haha.. love this pic, I'm obsessed with my new toy and nadia was caught in a hiao moment.
(my studded tank top is from clubcouture)
Looking at this picture now, I feel a bit bad looking at this pic now... because I'm showing off my extravagantly light Vaio X from Sony, yet in the background, Food For Thought has put up pictures and notes from the poor kids they sponsor in third world countries. :(

But the make.believe programme is doing its bit for charity too! :) 30 underprivileged children, between the ages of 7 – 8 years old have been selected to have the make.believe experience! I'll tell you more about it next week when I meet them.
Also... I'll host a contest on my blog where you can win a SONY camera! It's going to be a fun contest with lots of laughs... ha... can't tell you now.. stay tuned for that! (This will run in late May, because my Holly Jean Style Makeover contest will run first from mid april to late May and I don't want to overlap the two)

Ok ok ....Read this for a laugh - Things You Should Not Say To Your Boss (and add funny ones to the list too!)


  1. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Too skinny..u don't look nice in the pics...

  2. I like your look; especially loving the beanie! (:

  3. too skinny my dear

  4. celestina8:32 am

    Really goto agreed with te rest. Esp te photo whc u were holding the laptop, u really do look skinny..

    I guess certain angle of photos do make u look v skinny & some dun

    u goto beef up abit

  5. Anonymous9:51 am

    I think you're really pretty, but the weight loss makes you look a bte older. In that last pcture, if I had no idea how old you were, I'd guess about 35

  6. Anonymous10:55 am

    I'm 165cm and 45Kg. Too Thin! I've been trying to gain weight but it doesn't seem to be working!

    I used to be 55Kg which I was okay with as it gave me the curves - which unfortunately disappeared from the areas which mattered! :(

    I think 50Kg would be a healthier weight to be and I''m working towards that!

  7. I myself am 160 only and weigh in at 47.. 48... thereabouts. Occasionally i still get the skinny comment. I'm not saying this out of envy, but u really don't look as nice at this weight. Thin and bony = not sexy. At the very least try to add some muscle tone.

  8. Anonymous11:15 am

    omg. I feel so fat ant myself now.
    im 168cm and i weigh 57kg

    hj is 11kgs lighter than me! :(

  9. Anonymous11:15 am


  10. @anon11.15 pls don't feel bad! Ur much taller. Did u know tht for every 1 cm of height, it corresponds (on average) to almost 2kgs body weight.

    Meaning a girl who is 1.65 and a girl who is 1.70, shld be almost 10kgs different in weight to have abt the same proportions/or BMI/ or something like tht. i read abt it loong time ago.

    @those who think I'm too skinny now. Actually, I agree.. figure wise, I looked better last year. But I'm enjoying being gawky and boney at the moment... so Im happy.

    I don't think it will last... and I will have to put weight on anyway when I want to start a family. (yeah right HJ, find a Bf first!! haha)

    i havent had a period for 2 months (not pregnant ah!) which is a sign tht i don't have enough body fat to manstruate (haha.. too much info??!)... so will put weight on when it's time to try for babies (or maybe the weight will just pile back on sooner since I'm such a pig)

  11. Yikes Holly, I do hope that you see a doctor or a gynae because if it were me, I'd be extremely worried about not being to menstruate for two months. It could be a start of something serious!

  12. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Ya definitely agree. Pls do see a doctor.
    Not able to menstrate is a very serious health concern, cos it definitely mk u look older.
    I would guess that u are about 37 or 39 now? That's what I think from ur pic, nt sure about ur age. Maybe u r in ur early 40s but u looked only late 30s so it still good for u.

    But do see a doctor soon ok? Hope all go well for u

  13. Luv u Mama2:38 pm

    Hey Holly :-) Luv the skinny gawky look. U look juz like this hot tranny chic I picked up at Pattaya last Oct :-) Sawaddeeeeee ... I love mature looking gawky gals or trannies that carries a sense of mystic in the sexuality :-) ... You are one hot mama indeed !

  14. Anonymous9:33 pm

    heyy. the comments above are not v nice sounding :(

    ahh. i get it all the time. like how i'm too thin and such. but i do eat. i just have a high metabolic rate.

    hope you're the same too HJ, hope u're eating well. cos the last pic didnt look v good..

    please take care.

  15. Anonymous10:10 pm

    no rich bf or potential to wine and dine you for free? live a little, treat yourself to restaurants for your fav foie gra. haven't seen u posting about that after mark. used to be every now and then eating goose liver with mark.

  16. @anon10.10... I just had foie gras at picotin last week actually. Ok.. will start posting all my yummy foie gras pics again... didnt realise u missed it :)

    @everyone else- no worries.. I am well. taking care of myself :)

  17. Anonymous12:47 am

    yep that last pic is not flattering. you look like a gleeful monkey.

  18. Anonymous1:37 am

    actually i think you look good! but did you suddenly lose the weight?

  19. Anonymous1:43 am

    actually i think you look good! but *how did you suddenly lose the weight?

  20. @1.43- I'm not sure how I lost it... my weights been pretty constant for years, no matter how much exercise I do or how right I eat.

    But somewhere in Feb, it just dropped... i didnt notice it at first because i dont have a habit of weighing myself. But I put a pair of my staple denim shorts on and it was sooo loose. So i thought maybe it stretched.. then I realised ALL my shorts were loose. AND my jeans... haven't bought new ones yet keep thinking tht the weights gonna pile back on any time now.

    I met Mark recently, and he mentioned I looked thinner.. but looked well. So all of u trying to chip away at my confidence/self image by saying I look like I'm in my 40s(lol), like a tranny, like a monkey.... nice try.


  21. Anonymous9:02 am

    Did i read correctly? R u saying you wanna be thinner? I think its awful that you wanna make others fatter since you can't get thinner than you are now.

  22. Anonymous9:54 am

    i not trying to chip at ur confidence la, go see the photo again, really look like monkey!

  23. Anonymous10:51 am

    I don't think she looks like a monkey. I support the tranny call though. Not necessarily a bad thing though. All those trans at the Tiffany show in Pattaya are pretty hot. And of coz Mark will say you look hot, old white guys like him all loves Thai tranny women. They are the whole reason the Thai tranny industry has been booming all these years!

    Gooo hot mama! And no you don't look a day beyond 40! maybe 39?

  24. @9.02-- no no no...u've missed the point... the title is in jest. Obviously it's impossible for me to make other ppl fatter no matter what wizadry I employ. It was a post about Food For Thought, a restaurant tht I think is nice plus supports a good cause. :)

    @anon9.54 & 10.51 - at the risk of making your blood pressure rise and eyeballs roll... here's my response -


    (tht's a hooting type laughter btw. )

    Love, Monkey girl.

  25. Anonymous7:56 am

    Hey HJ-
    (I am Anon 11.15 Apr8)

    I just read through the comments and why are people so mean! You really don't look like a monkey/tranny/whatever they threw at you. I think they're all just jealous that you're thin and they're not!

    Anyways, I was just having a fat day :( But I know it is really not all about the numbers, I'm aiming to train (not in gym though.) and tone up rather be fat-skinny.



  26. hj yes they r mean but there might b truth in what they're saying. N honestly frm ur response i get the feeling u like this new weight of urs, sometimes it gets disturbing when u talk abt wanting to lose weight
    cos hj, ya never fat to begin with.

    I'm skinny myself w high metabolism but my goal is to bulk up not to reduce my weight n then to maintain it. U look more attractive previously, very healthy and fit.

  27. i think u look great! i wish i am skinny like u...i need to lose 3-4kgs any good advise?

  28. Anonymous11:46 pm

    err. please dont lose too much weight hj! its not healthy. esp if you're not having ur period and all.. and makes u look a lot older:( i dont think u look good now. (note: this is not an insult.. just thought u shld know. in case ure deluded)

    hope u fatten up soon.

  29. Tiger1:49 pm

    I stand at 158cm and weigh only 41 kg. I am 31 this year, even more skinnier than HJ but my monthly menses always regular and i had never missed one period before in my life.

    No matter how much i eat, i still remain the same weight but if i missed one meal, i lose weight easily, yeah! I had high metobolism also.

    I had friends who look healthier but fatter than me BUT their menses come irregular, so what say you??!

  30. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Tiger- ur menses is not determined by your weight but by your % of body fat.

    158cm is quite short. I have a friend who is 1.60, and only 40kg! Damn skinny looking but her % body fat is more than me when we did the health check. Her's was 27% and mine was 25.5% ( I am 1.66 and 52 kg).

    Female atheletes tend to stop menstruating, but once they want to have a family, the must put fat back on.

    But Holly, u shld see a doctor soon, maybe it is something more serious?

  31. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Just for everyone's info, if your body stops menstruating because you have too low a body fat percentage, your risk of osteoporosis in older age goes sky-high. (Look it up.) I expect to see Posh Spice in crutches at 50 years old.

  32. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Gleeful Tranny Monkey !!!!


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