Adam Lambert & Universal Studios Singapore

Adam Lambert Showcase
12 March 2010
Universal Studios
Yet another make.believe experience for me, thanks to SONY!
I got to see Adam Lambert plus visit the new Universal Studios in Singapore!
Bloggers Nadia and Shawn are now on board for the make.believe journey too. (welcome! welcome!) I've met Nadia at many events over the years, but this was my first time meeting Shawn. Hope to see you guys at all the other concerts and SONY events this year! I bet you'll have a fab time with all the exciting new products coming up!
Universal Studios is unreal! The streets are like off the set of Dick Tracy (remember that?). And every comic strip looking shop on the street is actually a real shop, a real cafe, a real theatre etc! All fully functioining! It's like I got blasted into the past, and it's not a movie set, it's real!

Even the diner has all the old flash cars parked outside.
No pink cadillac though. This white one will do.
Hollywood Chinese restaurant :) with the newspaper vending machines (or whatever they're called) outside.
This is where Adam Lambert's showcase was held. The Hollywood Pantages Theatre.

(photo credit: SONY)
Look at the hoardes of fans busting to get in and see Adam! And.. what is he wearing??!! :)

(photo credit: SONY)
It was a good showcase. My favourite songs were Sleepwalker and Rabbit hole- he's got such a cute rabbit bum wiggling dance to go with this song [Sorry You missed that... kwa kwa kwa]
At the end of the concert, the Director of SONY Music Singapore presented Adam with a plaque for hitting a record number of album sales.
Every evening, at the end of the day, there's a fantastic fireworks display at the end of the street. (pity the people with their $10mil property on the cove though.. so damn loud every night!)

My apologies to my good friend Bessie. I wanted to take you along with me but it was full house, and I could not get a plus one. :( [Judging from the response to this showcase, I'm sure he'll be back for a concert soon though!)
This CD is for you! I'll buy you lunch in a few days time k... let's meet! *hugs*


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