You Looking Good This Chinese New Year?

The year of the tiger is coming! And it's actually going to be a bad year for Monkeys like me. :(
I don't have a reunion dinner or houses to vist or any ang pows to collect, so I can't really say that I celebrate Chinese New Year. But I know that for most of my friends, it's a huge occassion and everyone has spring cleaning, booze, food, gambling, reunions, money and new clothes.

For me, I only have the new clothes. (but I'm not complaining about that!)
Have you got your Clothes for CNY yet??? Now's the time to stock up because all the blogshops are having new collections and CNY promotions!
Use code HJB at and get 5% off the purchase of 1 dress or get 2 dresses for $50
My Fav is the Season Special Toga in Hot Gorgeous Pink (S$28)

(my pic was taken by PinkElephantLabs)
It's got a black floral lace toga top, with a hot pink tube underneath and a black pleated skirt. Everything is in one piece. The back of the top is smocked so it will give a nice fit. It's also available in a dark blue. But pink is prettier IMHO!

Also check out their pretty florals.
Their new collection has all sorts of different back designs.

The heart shaped back is a must for Valentine's!
Postage is Free. And don't forget to quote HJB for your discounts.

Happy Shopping @ ApparelAffair, girls!


  1. Anonymous11:55 am

    Why do you not go visiting?

  2. I don't have any relatives here.

    When I was young, mom mom wld bring me along to the chinese neighbours house and the neighbour wld give me a red packet. but that's it. Never got a red packet from my parents for CNY before.

    We don't celebrate it, no dinner or anything. My dad's parents are both eurasians, so he never celebrated it. My mom's dad is eurasian and mother Chinese. And she also never celebrated it growing up. But every year, she will call my grandma (in perth) to say Gong Xi Fa Cai. :)

    But other than tht... nothing la.


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