Top 10 Things Women In Relationships Shouldn't Do

Holly Jean's Top 10 Things Women in Relationships Shouldn't Do!

10. Wear granny undies

9. Let Yourself Go

8. Start Scrapbooking

7. Dress Your Man Badly

6. Dress Up His Dog
5. Dress Up His Car

4. Take A Dump with the Door Open

3. Make him wear matching outfits

2. Make Him Hold Your Handbag

1. Grow Out Your Armpit Hair
Tomorrow- Holly Jean's Top 10 Things Men in Relationships Shouldn't Do :)


  1. Anonymous3:25 am

    Love it :) I need a laugh break every now and then - but now I have to find time to work out today !

  2. Anonymous7:40 am

    What's wrong with scrapbooking??

  3. scrapbooking? i dunnoe.. i just felt tht if i were a guy, i'd find it mildly annoying... and very unsexy.

    To me it's like this centries version of knitting or crochet. granny like. :s

    plus ridiculously costly (for bits of paper!).

    I prefer to store/ create collages of my pics using my computer instead. Then when i want it to be more physical, less virtual... i just send my designs off to the printers and get a glossy hard covered Coffee Table book printed.

    Not meant to offend any scrapbooking enthusiasts!

  4. Hey, totally agree with asking your man to carry a handbag. So ridiculous, makes him look like a sissy and its so small and light - so why does the girl need help to carry it! (I don't get why bfs in Singapore do this)

    Also, agree with dressing up someone's car. Its so tacky.

  5. Anonymous11:52 am

    hahaha ! i agreed with most, but was also wondering why scrapbooking..
    tho' i am NOT a scrapbook enthusiast.. actually, i have no patience to scrapbook. ahaha !

    erms, btw.. saw you mention coffee-table book - where do you get that ?

  6. Anonymous12:36 pm

    makes the man look like such a wuss and the girl? weak! can't even carry her own handbag..
    haha sorry i get really piss when i see guys carrying handbags for their gf!!

  7. :) @anon11.52 coffee table book i order online. u can try googling for them. i used snapfish when i did Mark's coffeetable book for xmas.

  8. Hi...just my piece of opinion..
    I agree with men carrying handbags...but scrapebooking is not. you store/ create collages of ur pics using computer is also a kind of digital scrapebooking..and scrapebooking is not costly IF you use recycled it is a compilation of the memories you have with your other half...

  9. Anonymous4:25 pm

    i'm one of those gfs whose bfs help carry the bag for..

    i tend to bring stuff like umbrellas and water out so it gets heavy after awhile.. plus theres a dslr in the bag :(

  10. Anonymous6:10 pm

    erm.thats all just your personal perception. i think its wrong to impose it or judge others with it.

    i dont think there's anything wrong with scrapbooking. in a world where everything is digital. what is wrong with having hard copies of photos that are well decorated? (the cost is a different issue altogether)

  11. Anonymous9:14 pm

    sorry, but i dont see whats wrong with scrapbooking either. its nice to do them and look back and smile over it.

    and matching outfits? i've seen couples who do enjoy wearing it. why is that wrong?

    and carrying bags... well alot of guys do carry for their gfs/ wife. some guys do insist to carry even when the girl says its okay. As long they are not carrying girl bags when they are out alone...

    dressing up his dog? hmm... again why? i mean if its cute and all, i'm sure he'll be okay with it. also if you really wanna be with the guy..."his dog" will become "our dog"

    not being rude, just my thoughts. i usually love your entries. this one just ...not so.

  12. Anonymous2:05 pm

    matching outfits is tacky, like ya dying to show the world ya together! Yes i agree on the guy holding their gf's hand bag!! Extremely unattractive! Worse is when instead of just holding on to it with their palms, they sling the handbag around their arm or over their shoulders prettily! Alamak, can faint man.


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