Mega Online Talent Search is ON!


This is a shout out to anyone with talent! Can you sing, dance, juggle, do magic tricks, can play a musical instrument (or have a band!), or shoot darts out of your nostrils?!

If you have a talent, video it and submit to spiderider. It could win you US$10,000 of cash, prizes & FAME !
SpideRider is a mega online talent search to uncover the best talents from around the globe (even if you're not in Singapore, you can still take part!).
Just to give you a bit more background.... Spiderider is a programme under Yellobus. Yellobus is Singapore's first reality-based content portal and it was just launched on 1st Dec! It's geared to host a whole range of exciting programmes which include travel, fashion and basically anything fun not just in Singapore but in the world!

Ok, so here's what you have to do to be part of the Spiderider mega online talent search:
How to take part

Step 1) Register as a member
(plus... when you stand a chance to win an ipod touch... even if you have no talent to showcase... that would be me... haha)

Step 2) Take a video of yourself
Any short video will do.. you can use your phone or your camera. Shoot it wherever and whenever is comfortable for you. Doesn't have to be profesionally taken... but of course, try to look/sound/perform your best!

Step 3) Upload your video here (remember- must register first!)

Step 4) Wait for an email from Spiderider!
This contest has an esteemed panel of judges from all walks of life, all professionals from various fields (acting/singing/dancing/etc).
And an impressive line up of sponsors! You need big sponsors for big prizes!
The Prizes
- US$10,000 in cash and prizes.
- A chance to meet the movers-and-shakers of the entertainment industry for a possible opportunity to sign with a major label.
- A chance to be signed under the Yellobus artiste management for a contract worth US$50,000 over three years.
- Winner from outside Singapore wins additional return airfare and an all-expense paid trip to Singapore for a Meet the Press session and possibly a mini concert showcase.
- Winner from Singapore wins an additional overseas trip worth US$1,000.

This is going to be BIG! It could really change your life and make your dreams come true. Stop procrastinating and second guessing yourself, don't live your life with "What Ifs"... just give it a shot and see if it leads you anywhere.

The competition ends on the 31st of December!!! If you want to check out the videos that have already been uploaded, Click Here.

Good Luck! (And keep me updated, if your video is selected, I'll rally votes for you!)


  1. Yeah~ I CAN sing... Easier Sing than done... that's y. LOL~

    Good luck searching~

    I just drop by from Pinkprincess' blog. No need da yell, dun disturb d dead. LOL~~~ Cheers, ciao, watever. ^.^

  2. hey... interesting contest. If I am chosen u will help get readers to vote for me??? Kewl!


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