Wedding Proposal From Alvin To Rachel

Just doing my bit to help Alvin out. He's proposing to his GF Rachel today.
His message to her - “Rachel, will you marry me? I am waiting for your answer at a secret location. To find me, you need to unlock a series of clues which showcase my five resolutions to you. The first clue is in a video posted on my blog. I will be waiting for you till you show up.”

Awwwww.. Good Luck Alvin! :)


  1. Question if I'm Rachel: number one, if YOU are proposing to ME, why should I be the one looking for YOU?

  2. Thank you Holly! :)

  3. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Guys buy gigantic flowers, gigantic rings to entice the girl into saying yes to marriage, endure gate-crashing tricks on the wedding day, but this guy is basically just playing hard to get and saying, "whatever, if you want me you have to find me". Have to admire his guts, he's such an inspiration to us guys.

  4. Anonymous9:37 pm

    I know! Its just really sorta annoying! I don't think its the best idea, nor very romantic - its trying too hard! I would say, if you want surprise, just choose a romantic place and put the ring into the champange glass/ cake etc. And I think the opening a joint bank account is just ridiculous. Its so unromantic!!! Jesus. Now she wonders if she has to do the same thing for you - great way to corner someone!

  5. Why are you guys so negative? -_- Here's a guy trying to make his girlfriend feel special with a well-planned proposal. What's so bad about that? Why do you people have to read so much into every goddamn thing?

  6. sweet! all the best! ;p

  7. Anonymous1:02 am

    he is really need some lucks. what a stupid proposal. make his gf feel special by make her work? lol! i thot only girls would do that. lol

  8. Anonymous1:33 am

    unromantic as it suppositely is, i definitely think this is something different, and interesting.. ! i'd totally go for it, c'mon stop being all princessy and what ? champagne + ring + cake + romantic place, dude did you pick that up from mediacorp's cheesey shows?

    well at least he did something original. clearly if he does something like that , he knows his gf would probably be up for it as well? good luck alvin ;)

  9. Anonymous9:30 am

    Definitely one of the more original ideas i've heard of.
    Who said romantic means that the guy has to do all the chasing?
    And even if it isnt the most romantic way to propose, at least they'll remember this for life.
    He planned the proposal, and his gf just has to play along (:

    Good luck Alvin~


  10. Anonymous10:58 am

    Hi all,

    I am Alvin here. :)

    Just to clarify, there is a romantic dinner. I was waiting for her at Relish restaurant with some special arrangement.

    Also, I did take into consideration not making Rachel work too hard on the clues as both of us are not into ragging. It's more for the fun of it and the clues are simple enough for her to solve them while juggling her work as she was not on leave yesterday.

    More updates are on my blog -


  11. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Hey Alvin!

    i think its exciting! don't worry about it :)

  12. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Hey guys you didn't know? That fat dope and loser is a well known attention seeker. I mean look, the fat loser's got nothing to lose.

    He's got nothing to his name and no reputation.

    Coming up with this lame thing is the only way he could ever appear in the papers, short of murdering someone.

    And what guts? he obviously knew she was gonna say yes. you know they bought a HDB flat like a yr or six months ago? It's splashed all over his stupid blog. So it's totally phoney and lame, especially when he went as far as to post a print screen of his Facebook page on his blog with the fake 'surprise' she said yes! What else is she gonna say after she jumped through all that hoops like a dog in performance? And after you have already bought a flat, you're sounding like its the 1st time in your life you ever raised the idea of proposal?

    What a bunch of idiots.

    And did you know he went to print screen all the blogs that bothered to give him 'coverage' on his blog? If I could find a bigger loser than this loser, I'd be Superman, cos it is simply impossible.


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