Ris Low's Latest Interview

Little bit of background for my non-SG readers. Ris Low was crowned Miss Singapore World earlier this year.

Then she did an interview after the pageant and spoke not just bad English but nonsense as well. Despite all that, she started the trend of using the word "Boomz" ( did you find it annoying to see the word Boomz repeatedly on Facebook and shows like Singapore Idol? or was it just me?)

People started digging up her history, apparently, she has a bi-polar disorder. Her title was recently revoked because of her undeclared credit card fraud offence.

Do I think her spoken English is bad? Yes.
Do I think people should make such a stink about her winning? No. How can you fault the girl on winning?!
Do I think her title should be revoked? Of course. Based on the card fraud.

And she just did this interview on the Shan&Ross show. I hope she got paid for it... she should capitalise on this new found fame while she can.

I have nothing against her, she does come across like a pleasant girl on screen... but I do find her wierd... Something's not quite right. I feel like she's a bit delusional. I dunnoe maybe she's just on a different wavelength than me. (I do hate her clothes though!)

Here's the clip.

P/s- kudos to shan & ross for keeping a straight face. Was an interesting interview.


  1. Agreed with you. She's just weird.

  2. " This is good , I can actually see a normal girl wearing this " LOL!

  3. gerald12:48 am


    Ris Low is so SHINGZ!

  4. gericho1:33 am

    HAHAHAH! man if this was on a facebook wall, I'd just "Like" it a dozen times!

  5. i hate her..watched few videos of her & it sucks!she speaks Singlish, not English..plus,she's not pretty at all..i wonder how did she won?

  6. Anonymous9:01 am

    well... she won because she sold the most tables at the miss world event. something like she raised 28thousands.

    and the girls of miss world contest are pushed to raise $ for the sponsors.

    it's like tht one

  7. Joanne12:55 pm

    shes a little strange. its like, she doesnt know the hosts were mocking her. And i cant quite understand her english, shes slurring perhaps?

    poor girl...

  8. heedayareed9:25 pm

    I think she is really weird. Pity her. That wasn't BOOMZ Ris...

  9. Anonymous12:16 am

    Not weird la. Her true personality.She was a working lady before. People can still remember and recognise her

  10. Ris Low is a joke. Its pretty amazing how she even qualified for the Miss Singapore Competition. She's just so disgusting. She isn't even beautiful, not in the slightest sense of the word.

  11. I actually like how she's comfortable making fun of herself. I really don't think the outfits were meant to be taken seriously. If you've seen her on interviews + her out-in-the-streets outfits, she actually looks quite normal, like any other girl on the street. I think the outfits are just one huge parody playing on the first interview she just gave. Grow a funny bone guys, and at least she's trying!

  12. Anonymous1:39 pm

    I have to agree with you; she is delusional. She is wierd.

    Thank you for the first had information.

    The video came out in the new paper today.

    Check out my entry: http://askcleo.com/index.php?option=com_idoblog&task=viewpost&id=4396&Itemid=61

  13. Anonymous10:11 am

    Hahahahahahaha, is that the funniest clip or what?


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