The girl with the most votes : Cindy

(Congratulations Cindy .Do email me your mailing address, asap. Your free annyee dress will be sent out this week!) :)


Thanks everyone for your response and participation in this contest. It's only the first one, and I learnt a lot from it.

I'll try to make the next one more interesting, and if it's poll based, I will have to rig it to ensure no multiple voting from the same IP.

Do offer suggestions in the comments section about the kind of contests you want, or the kind of prizes (make up? accessories? more clothes? Dream date??... but of course, be realistic.. I can't like get anyone to sponsor a CAR or anything like that!).


  1. Socky aka Pearlin2:54 am

    Congratulation to cindy! I'll vote for Make up contest! =D

  2. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Hey HJ.. great job done! anyway since u r a ettusais's ambassador, perhaps you can give their skincare/cosmetics away? =)

  3. Socky aka Pearlin1:25 pm

    I wan a date with holly =D I would like to go shopping with u


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